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Coolest Graduation Cake 23

by Meagan
(Kensington, NH)

Graduation Cake

Graduation Cake

My cousin was graduating from Medical school so I wanted to have the perfect cake that would show my admiration for her hard work. So far I don’t sell my cakes but make them for family and friends. When I make my cakes I try to make the next cake top the last. When I asked her what she wanted for a cake the soon to be doctor said “nothing with flowers”. Finally I decided to decorate her cake with the school's crest.

I enlarged the crest on a copy machine and began cutting my pieces out of fondant. This was one project that I learned the most from. The fondant pieces were so small and detailed that the crest kept breaking apart. I threw away many fondant crests before I realized that I could use navy blue royal icing as glue to stick the broken pieces back together.

I frosted the graduation cake, added the crest and for the lettering I used the alphabet fondant cutters, and placed the greeting on the cake around the crest.

This cake was a challenge, but it was worth the gray hair.

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by: tutuAnonymous

real neat! excellent

smooth ice
by: Anonymous

What an excellent job on your smooth icing. one of the best I've seen.

by: Eva

That cake was awesome! You should sell your cakes. That cake came out really good. It looked flawless. Very professional looking.

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Coolest Graduation Cake 18

by Nikki Quinn
(Paris, TX)

 Kindergarten Graduation Cake

Kindergarten Graduation Cake

I made this graduation cake for my son's graduation from kindergarten. I got the idea from the Mars candy "bright ideas" site.

I used one 9x13 pan for the bottom layer, an 8x8 pan with an inch trimmed off one side for the second layer, and a medium glass oven-safe dish for the bottom of the cap. The mortarboard part of the cap was a large cookie made from refrigerated dough.

I just iced each layer then stacked them, turning the "book" layers. I added the school's name, both teachers' names, and the year (2008). I used m&m's to trim the edge of the "books", and dipped a fork in cocoa and pressed it into the exposed "page" edges. He insisted the tassel match, so I had to "stripe" a decorator bag.(I matched the cap color to the actual cap my son wore.)

He loved it, especially the cake itself, chocolate cake with cut up Milkyway bars in the batter.

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by: Anonymous

This cake is awesome and has inspired a family to make this cake for a grad party. Only theirs will have a rebel flag on top of the cap. Thank you for this great idea, thank you for sharing!

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Coolest Graduation Cake 17

by Sarah
(Joliet, IL)

Graduation Cake

Graduation Cake

This graduation cake I made for my sister's graduation party. The cake is a 2 layer 16in round iced in buttercream. The roses are royal icing that I made a few days ahead of time.

The graduation cap is a candy plaque using the Wilton pan. I started by piping in melted yellow candy melts into the portion for the tassle. I put that in the refrigerator and let it set for about 15 min. I melted blue candy melts in the microwave. I had to add blue candy coloring to achieve the dark blue color. I then poured the melted blue candy into the pan and let it set in the fridge for about 30 min. After it was set.

I removed it from the pan, just by turning it over onto a towel. I placed the candy plaque on the cake and added the lettering. This was real easy and relatively quick to do.

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Good Job!
by: CupCake

Very nice cake!

cake is so
by: Anonymous


Going 2 kopy kat U
by: Maureen

Love the look how many bags of candy melt did you use

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Coolest Graduation Cake 24

by Francine
(Philadelphia, PA)

Jean's Graduation Cake

Jean's Graduation Cake

A friend at work was graduating college. Her manager and co-workers wanted to throw a surprise party and asked me to bake a cake. I researched the school colors of her college and got to work.

The graduation cake is your basic two 8" layer cake. The icing is a standard white butter cream. I drew the graduation cap on a piece of wax paper, wrote over it in gel paste, and flipped it over onto the cake to use as a stencil. I made blue and yellow roses with thick butter cream icing, representing the school colors. The sides of the cake were decorated with columns and bows, to signify the pomp and circumstance of the graduation.

The diploma scroll was made by rolling out white fondant in a rectangle, rolling it up, and tying it with a bow. The graduate loved the cake, as did the participants in the party.

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