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Zebra Graduation Cake

by Katiria
(Little Egg Harbor NJ)

Zebra and blue graduation cake

Zebra and blue graduation cake

This cake was for my sisters graduation. I just recently started making cakes as a hobby and this was my third cake and I was brave and decided to tier it. Her school colors were blue and white and she loves animal print. She really had no idea what the cake was going to look like since it was a surprise. She had seen the cake on so i based it off of that but changed it to make it my own. I baked all my cakes the day before to properly cool. The first layer was german chocolate. Second was Red Velvet and the third yellow. The following day I iced in the morning then iced again the afternoon to completely harden. I decorated at night since I have 5 children and my 1 year old likes to poke the cakes. I did all the stars and circles and put them aside then placed the fondant. The zebra stripes I didnt do ahead of time because I didnt want to make too many. I used wooden dowls in the fist tier but not on the second I honestly didnt think it needed it. I did place a long dowl through the top to make sure the top didnt fall. Luckily it did not collapse. When I brought the cake to the house the following morning she loved it and so did everyone else. I think it came out pretty good.

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Coolest Pharmacist Graduation Cake 40

by Rina B.
(Ashburn, VA, USA)

Homemade Pharmacist Graduation Cake

Homemade Pharmacist Graduation Cake

After looking all over for some ideas on decorating a cake for Pharmacist graduation cake I decided to create my own.

I made this cake for a family friend who graduated from Pharmacy school and is now a Pharmacist. I made the bottom 18” round with fresh strawberries, kiwis and mangoes and whipped cream. Then I colored the whipped cream pink and covered the top. I added gray boarder on the top and the bottom of the cake and pink pearls.

For the props on the top of the cake I made prescription bottle out of rice krispy treats and covered it with light brown fondant and had a edible image of the bottle cover that I designed to personalize the bottle and made the other piece with rice krispy treats as well and covered it with white fondant and colored it sliver and sprinkled sliver glitter on top.

I used candy to make pills and capsules and used black icing to write on them.

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by: Anonymous

This is a really a nice cake...good job!

by: Madhu Arora

You go Rina. I am really proud of you. Keep up the excellent job and feed us at all the times.

by: Anonymous

this looks cool

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Coolest Hat and Scroll Graduation Cake 50

by Ingka
(Perth, West Australia)

Homemade Hat and Scroll Graduation Cake

Homemade Hat and Scroll Graduation Cake

Homemade Hat and Scroll Graduation Cake
Homemade Hat and Scroll Graduation Cake
Homemade Hat and Scroll Graduation Cake

I got this task for a Hat and Scroll Graduation Cake from my child's teacher.

This is my first time I did cake decoration with plastic icing. I learnt a lot from making this one and since then I am very confident to decorate cakes with plastic icing. Few mistakes happened but it was an amazing experience and good lesson. Now I am learning how to make 3D cake decoration.

My first mistake was, I rolled the fondant icing on the display board which was really painful as it was not neat and tidy. It worked eventually.

Second mistake, I made the tassle too early then it was set and dry. It broke as I lifted it, then I knew that I should put it on the hat and let it dry.

I had so much fun making this cake and my child's teacher was very pleased. Since then I got so many orders from the school to make all their celebration cakes or cupcakes.

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putting together
by: Sandi

Hey Iam looking for a graduation cake for my granddaughter and I saw this one Cake #50, I thought it was very cool BUT I need to know that I can put it together.
If anyone has any ideas please pass them on to me, I only have 2 weeks left.
Thanx so much

To Sandi
by: Diane

The base is a rectangle, gauge the size accordingly, although I wouldn't use less than 17 x 11. The Mortar Board base is a round cake proportional to the height of your rectangle;

The stars are fondant cut out with cookie cutters.

The "board" can be done one of 2 ways. 1.) cardboard rectangle covered in colored fondant; 2. chocolate, melted into a square of the appropriate size, refrigerated until hard, trimmed to clean the edges, then covered in colored fondant.

The tassel is also made of fondant in the color of your choice. First create one very long "snake" fold it in half and "roll" together leaving loops at the top and bottom as you see in her picture. If you have trouble making one long one, make two and gently smooth them together. Place a star in the middle of the mortar board. Place the rope on top of the star and position it as shown. For the fringe of the tassel you may need to add butter to make it pliable because you need to run it through a press to make it look like spaghetti. I've heard people use a garlic press, but I don't know how to get it long enough that way. I use an attachment from a machine I have. Attach it while it’s drying and add the small sort of candy or a circular piece of matching fondant at the seam. Add a round piece of fondant in the middle of each loop. Note the positioning of the loops at the bottom near the tassel. NOTE: The fringe is UNDERNEATH the twisted snake rope

The scroll can be a swiss chocolate roll covered with fondant with a ribbon around it; at least that is how I'd probably make it. There are other ways to do it, but that's the easiest.

The ribbon is not a bow. It's made in pieces. One rectangle around the scroll, two made into loops and attached, and one square to close it.

If you want or need more cake than that, you can make the base out of cake. I am!

By the way, thank you. I have been looking for something really interesting to make for my son's HS graduation and really wasn't interested in a Mortar Board, but after analyzing this one for you, I decided to use it and add to it by making a “bridge” (literally- I’ll use licorice to make to railings) to his next endeavor and another cake out that too concept too.

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