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5 Cool Anti Gravity Cake Ideas

Defy gravity and wow your guests with one of these cool anti gravity cake ideas. Playing with your food just got socially acceptable and making one of these creative edible illusions is sure to float loads of compliments your way.

1. Thai Noodle Bowl Gravity Cake

Thai Noodle Bowl Gravity Cake

Shayna made this incredible noodle bowl cake in honor of her husband's birthday and his favorite food. At first glance - and even second glance - you would swear this is a genuine overflowing bowl of Thai noodle goodness. The shrimp, egg, vegetables, and noodles look so authentic that what else would you think but, "Dinner is served!"?

Then, Shayna took it up another notch by adding the anti gravity touch of noodles suspended from chop sticks.

We LOVE this cake! More photos and instructions available by clicking here.


2. Stowford Cider 40th Birthday Cake

Stowford Cider 40th Birthday Cake

Pearl's gravity defying cake won our September 2014 cake decorating contest and it's easy to see why. From the barrel to the cider pour, it's an eye catcher and the perfect 40th birthday party centerpiece.

Find Pearl's instructions for making the cake and her secret for achieving the authentic looking liquid pour by clicking here.


3. Pancake Breakfast Gravity Defying Cake

Pancake Breakfast Gravity Defying Cake

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make it the star of your next party? Holly managed to do just that when she showcased the humble pancake as an anti-gravity cake topped with delicious pouring syrup that appears suspended in mid air.

Who did she create this sweet surprise for? Not the usual suspects. And how did she get that syrup to float? Find out here.



4. Spilling Coke Cake

Spilling Coke Cake

Coke is the real thing! Right? Maybe, but Donna's version of it only appears real and seems to headed toward making a big mess. Oops! This cake was the result of an off the cuff Sunday afternoon experiment. What should a girl do when she's bored and about to throw away a perfectly recyclable McDonald's beverage cup? Why, head to the baking cupboard, of course.

Find out how Donna pulled this spilling Coke cake illusion together here. She even made enough to share.

5. M&Ms Anti-Gravity Cake

M&Ms Anti-Gravity Cake

M&Ms gravity defying cakes are quite popular so we included one of them on our list of favorites. Jaimie's version includes some tips that will help you get your cake to turn out just right.

You can read Jaimie's tips and get inspiration to create your own gravity defying candy cake here.


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Inspired? We can't wait to see what you create from these ideas. Share them for a chance to win our monthly cake decorating contest. Submit your cake(s) here.