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Coolest Guinea Pig Cake 1

by Shan R.
(Pittsburgh, PA )

Guinea Pig Cake

Guinea Pig Cake

I made this Guinea Pig cake for my one of my best friends birthday! We both work at a pet store and love animals but she is absolutely crazy about guinea pigs and owns two of her own!

It was actually pretty easy to make once I came up with an idea of how to sculpt it. I did some sketches on paper to get a good idea of what I wanted it to look like. I used a regular sized loaf pan and baked a vanilla cake. After it cooled I just cut out a head and the rest of his body. I kind of angled the face downwards to look more realistic and gave him a fat little body.

After that I spread a thin layer of chocolate icing for a crumb layer and then covered him in brown fondant that I had rolled out. The fondant set was a "skin color" set that contained brown, tan, pink and black.

Next, I cut out different color blotches and put them on his back. I used tan fondant for his face and fur on top of his head and black fondant for his eyes. I made his little feet out of the pink fondant as well as his nose. For the final touch I used white gel icing for part of his eyes and wrote my friend's nickname "cavy b" on one of his colored spots!

It turned out cuter than I ever thought and everyone loved this little guinea pig cake! My friend never ended up eating him because he was too adorable to cut into!

Guinea Pig Cake

Comments for Coolest Guinea Pig Cake 1

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soo cute
by: Anonymous

your cake turned out awesome, good job, i love fondant...but i completely agree with your friend not eating it, he's just too adorable.

by: Anonymous

I love this cake!

Guinea pigs!
by: Misty

That is the BEST Guinea pig cake I've ever seen!
I love Guinea pigs!

simply adorable
by: Anonymous

ok this is just adorable!!! great job.

by: Anonymous

this is amazing... I love guinea pigs they rock!

Guinea pig
by: Anonymous

this Guinea pig cake is the best one I have ever seen.
I love guinea pigs, I also have four at home.

i loved it
by: fletch

I love guinea pigs so much I have 4

by: Anonymous

wow! that looks amazing! I love guinea pigs, I think I am I am a big fan like your best friend! I want my mum to make me this cake for my birthday, and I am hoping to get two of my own! well, they are on the list! it would be great to find the exact recipe but i think you have made an absolutely brilliant job of that. I bet your friend was dead impressed.
take care.

by: Amber.

I don't suppose you can make one for me as well! haha, only joking, I think you did a great job. well done. and yeah I totally agree with your friend not eating it! he is just too cute. Though I bet it would of taste gorgeous :)

by: Anonymous

great cake looks delicious i love it!

by: Naomiiii

I would love to eat that, it was well designed too. It must of taken you ages to make that, and also I love that colour on it as well and I love the detail. I want to grow up and also make cakes like that.

Lots Of Love Naomi

by: kelsie

That is so cute and I also love guinea pigs. And I am hoping to get one for my birthday.

that is amazing!
by: Anonymous

I am absolutely in love with Guinea pigs, (I have 2 boars and 3 girls haha) and I LOVE this cake! My 16th birthday is next month, and I'm demanding this cake of my mother.
I love it!
Great job!

i love g pigs
by: Anonymous

I'm am a GUINEA PIG LOVER! I am crazy about GUINEA PIGS!

by: sarah skinner

this is so adorable. I love love love guinea pigs. I have 2, and they are the best! I so want this cake but I'd also feel bad about eating it.

by: Anonymous

I love the piggy you made. So awesome.

by: luckjes112

what's the recipe?

by: Atti


by: Anonymous

that is awesome.

the cake
by: Kel

I love the cake and I want it for my birthday on Halloween.

Guinea Pigs
by: Anonymous

I love the touching heart!!

by: Guineapigcrazii

I have 2 female Guinea Pigs, Fanta & Mi-Mi, I love this cake it is so pretty, your friend is soo lucky to have you as a friend, Hope she liked it!

by: shan

thankyou to everyone who wrote these comments on my guinea pig cake!! It was so nice to read them all and thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it :)

by: Anonymous

wow this cake is sooo cool i wont to make a cake like this someday

i love it !
by: Nick

This cake is the bomb !I want one for my birthday .....
how did you guys make it ?
its really cool and awesome !

by: mai

This is so fabulous. You have inspired me to try something similar for my young son (though it won't be anywhere near as awesome!)

I love it!!
by: guinea pig lover

Hi, I'm from the Netherlands and I have three guinea pigs. I must say: I love this cake! It's so cute!! To cute to eat :)

by: Shan

Dear Mai,
You can totally make this cake for your son! I believe in you! Just don't forget the ears like I did!
Oops! :)

by: guinea lover

i have two guineas and need a cool b day cake
who thought...

:D great cake
by: Anonymous

wow this is a really great cake i might try to make one because i love guinea pigs i have 2 of my own but i might try to make a black one with a white marking like pepper one of mine ;D

cool cake
by: Anonymous

It's amazing!!! I have six of my own and were breeding. I'm going to try to make one for the new baby that is due next week.

loves youre cake
by: the guinea pig lover <3

cool and sweet cake i want that to all my birthdays i have to guinea pigs but i will probably make it in black and white and brown instead

by: cj

I love guinea pigs, and i like cake!

oHmYgOsH that's awesome!!!
by: Julia : )

oh my gosh i am totally making that cake for my bday!!! i love guinea pigs! I had one but he died on Friday the thirteenth so i am hoping to get another one soon. HOW DID YOU MAKE IT??? it rocks totally! all of my guinea pig loving friends would totally want to be your friend. YOUR CAKE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from, Julia

by: Julia

oh my gosh that is so cool! I must have it for my bday. How did you make it??? from Julia

by: Anonymous

I love this cake and I and I LOVE guinea pig I have two both female. But I want to know where the ears are? Did u even make the ears?

by: Guinea pog crazy

I love this idea I am soooooooo doing it

Guinea Pig Lover
by: Tals

This the best cake ever. Awesome! I love it. That is such a good idea for a guinea pig fan. I love guinea pigs and had two, but now only one. Bisous R.I.P.

im loven it ah ha ah ha :)
by: Anonymous

this is the best cake I've ever seen i would love it if you could make a cake with a duck ridding a sheep please try for me and send it to me on face book im Kaitlin Hepburn

go guinea
by: Anonymous

it's the cutest thing! I want one for my birthday!

Guinea Pig
by: will

Absolutely outstanding it is so adorable I wish I had one because then I could show my GUINEA PIGS it because I have 4

Guinea Pigs r so cool
by: Flicka

Guinea-Pigs r my favorite animals so far I have had 3 of them.That cake made me think about them u r so talented. I wish I could make 1 of those.How did u make it... did u just do it from scratch?

by: chelsea

i love guinea pigs I have 7 guinea pigs i have 5 girls and 2 boys and i love them all!! awww i also love your cake if i was ur best friends i would cherish that cake for the rest of my life cause i loved it so much i would also love if u could write bake and tell some of us the recipe please

sooooo cool!
by: Anonymous

that cake is the coolest thing ive ever seen! It's sooooo dcetailed and everything!
great job! looks yummy!

by: Anonymous

Cool, awesome

nice job
by: guinrpig lover

Awesome cake, I absolutely rave guinea pigs, I have 5... there are 2 girls and 3 boys. The girls I got from a rescue center called the Australian cavy sanctuary the owner is a very nice person and looks after them 100%. Since I adopted them I did not get to name them but rather got stuck with there names, their names are Sasha and Samantha, my boys I also got from the Australian cavy sanctuary but were just born and did not have names yet, so I named them Gus, Alfie and Fuzzy Bear.

by: Anonymous

wow this cake is awesome and my birthday is coming up and i am absessed with guinea pigs so i just think it is so cool!!!

by: kendra

your cake is so cute i just love it i am a guinea pig lover

Cleopatra Coke Snickers
by: bianca.

Hi! Im ten and i have a young sow named Cleopatra coke snickers she is so cute and only seven months old my birthday is in a month and im goona try to bake this one if i find a recipe for vanilla cake. But im not sure it will look so good.but thanks for the inspiration!

by: gpigluver

its so cute did u know that the scientific name for guinea pig is cavia porcellus

Guineas Rule
by: Anonymous

Fantastic, the best I've seen online. I'm going to try my hand at making a "piggy" cake tomorrow.

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Coolest Guinea Pig Birthday Cake 5

by Lucy H
(Dorset, England)

Coolest Guinea Pig Birthday Cake

Coolest Guinea Pig Birthday Cake

I made this Guinea Pig Birthday Cake for my daughter's 9th birthday. I baked 2 x 9" square cake tins and baked two vanilla sponges with my 225g butter, 225g self raising flour, 225g caster sugar and 4 eggs splash of milk and vanilla essence cooked on gas mark 4 for 50 mins.

When they where cooled I cut one in half and pushed the other two together and cut in to the basic shape. I then used the other half to build up the back of the guinea pig. I sandwiched together with strawberry jam and then butter iced the whole cake leaving in the fridge over night.

Next day I mixed chesnut brown colouring to make the main colour and orange for the patches and rolled out and cut into random shapes changing them as I went along, made some pink icing for the nose and feet and stuck them on.

This was actually one of the quickest cakes I have made and one of the best so far. I know my daughter who is obsessed with guinea pigs is going to love it although im sure its way to cute.

Comments for Coolest Guinea Pig Birthday Cake 5

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coolest cake
by: ellie

i love your cake! it is so yum because i have tryed it and i am a big fan of guinea pigs! i have 4 guinea pigs in my backyard one died so know we got 5 because we got one for jaida and onefor my little brother

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Coolest Guinea Pig Cake 4

by Michelle P.
(Howards Grove, WI, USA)

Homemade Guinea Pig Cake

Homemade Guinea Pig Cake

I used two 9x13 cakes stacked, to make this Guinea Pig Cake, then just rounded out the edges and tapered the face a bit. I did my first coat of frosting (the crumb coat) with a really light frosting that I whipped up as much as I could to try to help prevent the cake from pulling up.

I let that sit overnight and then did the final coat the next day. I texturized with a fork on the body and used a tip for the white frosting. The ears where tootsie rolls, warmed in the microwave for like 12 seconds and then shaped. That's it, and it fed a lot of people!

Comments for Coolest Guinea Pig Cake 4

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by: Anonymous

Very cute!

by: Jenna

I love guinea pigs so much, and so does my little girl. Will definitely be trying one of these cakes out! It's absolutely fantastic!

Very Cute
by: Poop

Excellent job!!

by: Uncle Paulie


by: Anonymous

It's adorable! Looks yummy too!!

Blue Ribbon Winner!!
by: Clare

I decorated a lot of cakes in my day, but none
quite like that, it is amazing...VERY creative
Can't believe you could cut it up and eat it!

ace worthy
by: vicki

Great cake! You should totally talk to Duff about a part time gig!!

Ahhhh =)
by: Cakelover

So cute!

by: Camilla

awesome! I try that cake too!! My fiend's child ask to me bake guinea pig cake. Now i have model cake!!

Greetings from Finland

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Coolest Guinea Pig Birthday Cake 6

by Mary
(Madison, WI)

Homemade Guinea Pig Birthday Cake

Homemade Guinea Pig Birthday Cake

This Guinea Pig Birthday Cake is a mocha cake with caramel inside, covered in buttercream icing and marshmallow fondant. The guinea pig "turds" are chocolate covered coffee beans. The grass is shredded coconut dyed with green food coloring. The whiskers are whole wheat spaghetti.

Comments for Coolest Guinea Pig Birthday Cake 6

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guinea pig
by: 1248

so cute

other than the poo... pretty good :)
by: Anonymous

other than the poo... pretty good :)

by: wally

your cake is awesome

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