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Coolest Guitar Cake Design 176

by Martha

HOmemade Guitar Cake Design

HOmemade Guitar Cake Design

This Guitar Cake Design was made with three box cake mixes. I baked two mixes (marble cake) in a big roasting pan for the body. Then I made a chocolate cake in a 9x13 pan, for the neck. I then froze the cakes overnight.

I traced my son's guitar on wax paper. Then laid it on top of the frozen cake and cut (use serrated knife) out the cake from there. I took a little off the top, with a serrated knife, to make the cake flat. I also traced the head of the guitar and cut the neck and head from the frozen choc. cake.

We (I had some help, my daughter and nieces) covered the cake with black fondant. We made the bridge, screws, tuner knobs and other details from fondant painted with silver, edible paint. We made the dials and strap holders from Rolos painted silver. Everything on the cake is edible except the white pic guard on top. My son had an extra, pic guard, so we used it. We painted graham crackers and they fit perfectly in the pic guard for the "pick ups".

I decided to not put strings on the cake. The fret markers and dots are strips of yellow fondant. It was a lot of fun to make and not as difficult as I thought. The most difficult part for me was the neck, getting it straight and narrow enough to look right.

This is the first decorative cake I've made like this. I would say it took 4-5 hours to make, not including baking time and time in the freezer. Have fun!

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Coolest Guitar Hero Cake 159

by Crystal L.
(Knoxville, TN)

Guitar Hero Cake

Guitar Hero Cake

My son wanted a guitar hero party, so what better cake than the actual guitar. This Guitar Hero Cake is the very first cake I've ever made and it turned out very well! I had paid a stiff price for my youngest to have a first cake done professionally and decided I would do it myself. I have never taken any classes, so anyone can do it because I am not crafty!

I baked this cake using two regular sheet cake pans and cutting the shape of a guitar out of the cake. I used wax paper to trace an actual guitar controller, cut out the picture, and placed it over the cake and simply cut out the shape in the cake using a butter knife.

I frosted the cake (deep red and black take lots of dye to achieve the right color.) For the buttons I piped buttercream onto wax paper and dyed it to match the buttons, I shaped them and place them in the freezer to harden.

For the wah wah bar I used a straw that I spray painted (just cut out the very small piece of cake it was inserted in and throw away.) Everyone was amazed and suddenly you'd think I had a cake business. Everyone wants me to bake for them, only it is very time consuming and I am no professional. I have created about 20 more cakes in a years time. Anyone can do it!

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Coolest Guitar Hero Birthday Cake 123

by Lucia B.
(Fayetteville, AR)

Homemade  Guitar Hero Birthday Cake

Homemade Guitar Hero Birthday Cake

This Guitar Hero Birthday Cake was created for a 13yr old boy. I had to get creative as he wasn't going to be impressed with something cutesy. He is a big fan of the video game "Guitar Hero", so my boyfriend suggested making a cake that looks like the guitar controller.

I used a spice cake and cream cheese frosting for this cake. I baked 2 9in rounds, one I carved into the body of the guitar, the other was used for the neck and headstock. I had the real thing nearby as a guide as I worked. I find a steak knife works well for carving cakes as it's small and give me lots of control.

I mixed black food coloring into one tub of frosting, and frosted the entire cake. I then mixed up small amounts of the various colors I needed and piped on the details.

For my efforts I got a "Now that is cool." A pretty big compliment from a teenage boy.

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love it!
by: Carrie C.

I love your cake! great job!!

by: Anonymous

love the cake idea, im going to do the same for my 13 year old stepson , hes going to love it x

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