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Coolest Gibson Green Electric Guitar Cake 219

by Glenda
(Henderson, TN )

Homemade Gibson Green Electric Guitar Cake

Homemade Gibson Green Electric Guitar Cake

This Gibson Green Electric Guitar Cake was actually a groom's cake but could be for a birthday. The groom sent me a picture on my phone of his guitar and asked if I could make the cake to look like it.

I chose to make it full-sized so I went to a music store where they had a similarly shaped guitar. With their permission and help, I traced around the guitar to get the correct shape and size. We were traveling to a place over 300 miles away for this wedding and I knew it would be easier to make on site. We rented a vacation home for that weekend but didn't find out until the day before that the oven didn't work properly in the house. OOPS!!! We had to use an over thermometer to figure out at what temperature we needed to bake.

When we had the oven set for 175 degrees it was actually 350 degrees. So, glad we had the thermometer! Anyway, I baked 3 1/2 sheet cakes and put them together, cut out my template and laid on top of them and carved. I iced it all over with buttercream and made marshmallow fondant to cover the body of the guitar. The fondant kept tearing and I was getting frustrated so I finally just used buttercream for the entire guitar. Luckily I had enough cake coloring and other supplies with me.

I used watered down black gel coloring to paint the wood grain on the body. The volume and other knobs are wooden drawer pulls. The tuning keys are golf pegs and thumb screws. The strings are covered elastic thread.

It turned out to be a huge success and the groom was very pleased.

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Love it!
by: Anonymous

Cool cake!!!!

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Homemade Guitar Cake

by Astrid
(The Netherlands)

I made this guitar by using a well-known Dutch package of cake mix. The cake turned out to be half vanilla and half chocolate (because there's a little paper back of cacao included in the package). Since I'm quite new at making these kinds of '3D cakes', I decided to make a double portion of cake. Today (partly because it had to cool down really well, partly because I didn't get to baking until late last night) I melted a regular (big) bar of pure (real dark) chocolate. The melting was no problem at all; I put the chocolate pieces in a little pan and placed that inside a bigger pan which was filled with water. While the water boils (on the stove), the chocolate melts really well. To improve the texture of the choco-melt, I added a little butter and a tiny bit of water. That worked well for me. However, as you can see in the picture, getting the choco-melt to be really 'slick' is very hard! For a finishing touch, I used M&Ms (not the peanut kind). I think that I didn't do such a bad job, considering it was my first :-)

Ow, I almost forgot to mention why I made this guitar-cake: it was a 'practice' for the 'real deal'. I'm a volunteer at a music 'library'. We lend music CDs, DVDs, Blue-rays (last two mainly of concerts and cabaret). As next Saturday, April 15th, is my last day as a volunteer (because I'm moving to a place nearly on the other side of the country!) I felt that baking a guitar cake would make an excellent 'goodbye gift'!

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