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Homemade Guitar Cake

by LInnlee83
(Merced, California)

I made this Hannah Montana guitar cake for my daughters 6th birthday party. At the time she was really into Hannah Montana, now she is on to something new, go figure. I started out with four sheet cakes, piled two on two then set them up short sides together, and began carving the cake from a pattern I made by tracing my sons actual guitar. Once I was done carving, I crumb coated the entire cake at which time I made any necessary touch ups. I tinted enough hot pink buttercream frosting to cover the entire cake, as well as some black for the guitar strings. I used black foudant for the circle as well as for other details on the cake. The Hannanh Montana pic was an edible image I purchased at a local bakery (cost $7.00)and cut it to fit my needs. I found that this particular bakery is willing to make any edible image I may need, they are even willing to take images from the internet, how cool is that. I added a white buttercream shell border to the entire cake. The final step was to add Hannahs mic. My dauaghter and the guests at her party really enjoyed this cake. I have since learned how to work with foudant and have created some really cool cakes, that I may post at a later date. Hope you enjoy the cake that was inspired by my daughter and her interest for Hannah.

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Awesome Guitar Cake
by: Tara

I love your cake, you have done a great job, u shouldbe very proud of your self, my daughter also loves Hannah Montanna and would have loved this. :-) Tara UK

by: Anonymous

Love it, great job!! Can't wait to see your fondant creations.

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Coolest Fender Guitar Cake 171

by Deanne
(Benicia, CA)

Homemade Fender Guitar Cake

Homemade Fender Guitar Cake

I made 2 very large cakes, and then froze them. Once frozen, I cut the body out, then the neck of the guitar. I then frosted the cake and connected the neck to the body of the guitar. I rolled fondant until it was thin, then placed over body of the guitar, and the same with the neck. After all the fondant was on the cake, I then hand painted the entire guitar with pearl white glimmer. Once I did that, I mixed several colors to make brown to paint the neck. I then painted the fret bars.

I used suture for the guitar strings. I cut out the pick guard with fondant and used gum paste to seal it on there. And finally I painted "Fender" and the birthday message. Total time to make this homemade Fender guitar cake (minus baking the cake) was 4 hours.

My dad is a Huge Hendrix fan and only plays on Fenders, so it was only appropriate that he had a homemade Fender guitar cake for his 50th birthday.

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Coolest Fender Strato Birthday Cake 144

by Catherine M.
(Armagh, Northern Ireland)

Homemade Fender Strato Birthday Cake

Homemade Fender Strato Birthday Cake

I made this Fender Strato Birthday Cake for my partner's daughter's 22nd birthday. She plays a pink strat in her band - so this was perfect for her. The cake is chocolate sponge (actually 3 were used in total, cut to shape and joined together) topped with apricot jam, then iced.

The template was taken from a real guitar, and as much detail as possible added after. Toothpicks with icing for the strap buttons, tuning pegs and switch. Chocolate toffee Rolos (covered with icing) used for the volume/tone knobs, and silver thread for the strings. Dabs of icing coloured silver for the screw heads and pickup magnet pole pieces, and black edible colouring icing pen used for the frets etc.

The scratchplate was made for marzipan, and the neck was brushed with light gold colouring. Oh, and a licorice stick for the lead! Pretty

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by: Helen C.

Hey, this is the most realistic looking one I've seen! Love the color too. Really good work - must have taken you ages!!!

by: J8LMK

Hi,Best looking Strato cake I've seen. A real work of art!

by: Michelle!

WOW - this cake is LETHAL! It's by far the best I've ever seen!

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Coolest Fender Guitar Birthday Cake 204

by Bridget
(Melbourne, Australia)

Homemade Fender Guitar Birthday Cake

Homemade Fender Guitar Birthday Cake

I made this Fender Guitar Birthday Cake for my brother in law's 21st birthday. It is a replica of his guitar.

I made a large slab cake and made a stencil from greaseproof paper and cut out the body from that. The arm was modeling paste, as were the head and all the tuning bits (very technical I know) the only not edible part was the wire used for the strings. It is covered in red fondant icing and white fondant with painted writing.

It was a big hit.

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by: Bridget's cousin-in-law

I can vouch that this cake was a hit! It takes a lot to make a cake that will impress a bunch of ultra-cool 21 year olds, but this one was greeted with ooohs and aaahs!

Coolest guitar cake I've ever seen....
by: Liza

Wow Bridget, this cake looks amazing. You've done a fantastic job. Well done ;0)

way cool
by: Anonymous

not only was it the coolest looking cake it tasted fantastic and unlike other fantastic looking cakes there was none left by the end of the night.

by: Anonymous

This cake is just amazing. So much attention to detail. I just LOVE it. Love to see more cakes from you please : )

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