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Coolest Gun Cake 2

by Aimee
(Nottingham, England)

Homemade Gun Cake

Homemade Gun Cake

My Stepdad is a James Bond fan so for his birthday I made this Walther PPK cake, Bond's weapon of choice!

I made two cakes in loaf tins, and filled them with buttercream and jam then chilled them.

I printed a picture of a PPK and then just enlarged it by hand very simply to the size required, then placed it over the cake and cut!

I coloured some butter icing grey, using some black writing icing, (all I had!)and covered the cake where the gun was supposed to be metal, and for the butt, used chocolate butter icing.
For the curved section under the trigger I could not get the cake to do as it was told! So I used a piece of card and covered it in butter icing.

Then I used black writing icing and copied some of the writing from the picture i found on the internet, also some of the detailing but a simplified version! and some choc buttons at the end of the barrel.

I cut out the 007 from black rolled icing, and then stuck the candle in the barrel!

It looked great!

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Bond Cake
by: DRT

Your cake looks great.

Is it a layer cake? What size did you make it?

Thanks for sharing.

Cool Cake
by: Anonymous

Very Cool and Classy Cake...

My Husband is a Gun Enthusiast... So , I am thinking of making this cake. Could you may be share a lil more detailed info on this cake.. Like Size and Quantity...?


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Coolest Glock Handgun Cake

by Lyn Soussi
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

Homemade Glock® NSW Police Handgun Cake

Homemade Glock® NSW Police Handgun Cake

A somewhat bizarre theme for a cake perhaps, but fitting to the party venue; my young son wanted a “Laser Skirmish” party – the current fad in his social world. One of my son’s best friends is blessed with a mum who is also a New South Wales (Australia) Policewoman; my son has always had an interest in guns (from a technical standpoint) and was very taken with the gun carried by his friend’s mum.. Hence:

A white chocolate mud cake slab cut and sculpted into a ‘Glock’ Handgun, as used by the NSW Police. The butter icing has been coloured ’gunmetal grey’ using a mixture of red, blue and yellow food colourings (as I couldn’t find a stockist of the fabled ‘black paste’. Piped vanilla frosting is used for the gun details with chocolate sprinkles giving the impression of a textured handgrip. “Bullet holes” in the ‘embossed steel’ base board provide supports for the candles.

The PC generated greeting is written in ‘Stencil.ttf’ font.

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Very cool!
by: Sharon, MD

Great job!
Hubby is a law enforcement officer so we really appreciate this.

great job
by: lacole

Could you please tell me where you got it made. is it possible they have a handgun cake shape. I've been looking all over the internet and this is what I'm looking for my boyfriends birthday.

How did you do that????
by: Janna

Would this be way too difficult for me to try making since I have never made a "theme" cake before? I thought I was going to wait to get my boyfriend one of these cakes for our wedding (for his groomsman cake) but he's turning 25 next month and I think this is PERFECT! So... how do I do it?

Recipie please
by: Leana

Can you please post recipe? My boyfriend is a gun lover, and I want to make this for his birthday, it is a really cool cake, thanks! Leana

Fantastic Cake!!
by: Necole

I'm doing a gun cake for my 11 year old Nephew and this cake is inspirational. I'm doing a Commando 1000 used at Skirmish. Love your work!! Surprised it was an Aussie effort too.

Recipe Please
by: TB

May I please have the instructions and recipe for this cake. My hubby would absolutely love it.

Recipe please
by: Anonymous

Hi my boyfriend would love this cake for his 30th birthday. Can you please send me the recipe on how to make this cake thank you.

Would love to know how you did this.
by: Dave


My brother and my sister-in-law are both police officers. Her birthday is coming up in the next week and a half and I would LOVE to be able to make this cake for her. If you could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Oh, how many does it feed? (All their police friends will be over for her secret party so I might need to make more than one.)

Thank you so much.


by: Bridgett

My boyfirend just got a state trooper position and we are having a surprise party for him and would love to have this recipe please!

Thanks for all your comments... it's a lot easier than it looks:
by: Lyn Soussi

Like all my cakes it is basically a mud cake (choc, white choc, caramel, whatever) (for non-Australians, it's a dense, rich cake which will hold its shape). Buy or make a square slab mud cake. I use a large floor tile as a cake stand. I make an A4 design on the PC with a 'metal' (or whatever) background graphic and print 2 copies (with bullet holes if you feel so inclined). Attach paper to tile, cover with non-stick cooking paper (cut a line in the paper to make it easier to remove later). Freeze or seriously chill the cake slab, place in position on the 'stand'. Draw, scan, Google, etc. a pic of a Gloc.. cut out and lay on slab.. cut through the cake with a thin, very sharp knife and trim the edges a bit rounded.. carve out the trigger bit.. If you've frozen the slab wait until it's mostly defrosted before icing. Cover the whole with a thick frosting (I use Betty Crocker's) tinted to the desired colour.. Use an icing 'pencil' to draw outlines.. I think I used choc vermicelli for the handle texture.. stick required number of black, silver or grey candles on the bullet holes and that's about it.. Bit like making mud pies, but with attitude. :-D Glad you all enjoyed them.. I might post a few more; Thomas the Tank 3D, Pink Butterfly, Chocolate Pirate ship, xBox WW2 game theme (I kid you not!) Have fun. Lyn

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Coolest Smoking Gun Cake 4

by Dawnetta P.
(Los Alamos, NM, USA)

Homemade Smoking Gun Cake

Homemade Smoking Gun Cake

I baked this Smoking Gun Cake at the request of a friend who's spouse teaches firearms classes. They wanted to serve it at the end of the year picnic.

The cake is a vanilla batter and the frosting is butter cream. I printed out pictures of the gun online and used one to outline it on the cake. I used tips 3, 5, 13 and 45 to build up and make the gun, and then used a toothpick for further detailing.

The bullet hole is complete with a frosting bullet in the hole (I used a pencil to make a hole in the cake and the copper tinted frosting inside), and cake shrapnel around the edges.

This is one of the most interesting requests I had ever had for a cake.

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by: Anonymous

Could you email me I have a question

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Coolest Pistol Cake 3

by Maxine B.
(Claremont, Tasmania Australia)

Homemade Pistol Cake

Homemade Pistol Cake

My father in law loves pistols so I came up with this pistol cake. I used 4 butter cake mixes in a 14inch tin. I iced it with buttercream icing. Cut out a pistol. I got the picture from the net.

I used royal icing and used gumtrag to harden it. I added some M&M's for a border and star border with buttercream icing. Unfortunately it wouldn't shoot real bullets!

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