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Coolest Halloween Cupcakes 8

by Rachel

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween Cupcakes

I made these mini Halloween cupcakes in 4x1 1/4 inch cake pans. I got the pans off of the Wilton web site.

For the warewolf cakes I used brown frosting and a number 16 tip for the hair and just pulled it out a little bit. For his ears I used tip number 67 (leaf tip). For his teeth I used candy corn, then for his eyes and nose I used black frosting number 4 tip.

For the spider I frosted the cake black then used a number 4 tip for the outline, a number 3 tip for the spider web, and for the spider I used tip number 16. For his legs, tip number 2. First black legs number 2 tip, then go over them with white number 2 tip.

For the mummy cake I used tip number 47 with the flat part of the tip facing up. You just make different strips back and forth. Leave a small spot open for the eyes and use a number 4 and 2 tip.

For the pumpkin cake first frost the cake orange, then use a number 4 tip to outline and for the lines in then pumpkin. Then you can make a face any way you like.

For the bat cakes frost the cake white, use number 4 tip to out line, and a number 4 and 2 tip to make the bats.

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How innovative!
by: Lisa

I just wanted you to know I thought your werewolf monsters were just cute as all get out. Thanks for sharing the picture!


by: Anonymous

Love the cupcakes, ever make them in ice cream cones? they are so much fun, you can order pans from kupcake konz .com, cool website

by: annieb

Awsome cup cakes! I just made similar for this halloween. Thanks for sharing this picture.

by: Strange

there are more than eight cupcakes

The Mummies
by: Katie

Love how easy they are. My grandchildren will love'em!

love them
by: Anonymous

i love the werewolf and spider the best they are cool and easy

who is strange!!! go away!!
by: Lisa

I love these!! cupcakes! I will make some for my grandaughter's 5th birthday

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Coolest Halloween Cake Idea 35

by Nicole M.
(Kent, Sittingbourne)

Homemade Halloween Cake Idea

Homemade Halloween Cake Idea

I made this Halloween Cake Idea for Halloween 2009, it went down a treat so I thought I'd share the idea with everyone. First I made 2 plain Victoria sponges, one 12" and one 8" rounds, (when they are both mixed up I used a tiny drop of red food colouring and swirled it into the mixture, do not mix in properly, this then gives a marble effect when u cut the cake).

Cut them in half and fill with jam, then cover both with orange icing and place the smaller one on top of the larger one. With some black icing I rolled up a ball, and used a little skeleton head I bought from a card shop, then placed that on top of the ball and used strips of black icing to drape over it to create a long Reepers cape and hood.

To finish the cake off I used black writing icing to create a spooky picture all the way around the cake. Draw on twiggy branched trees and crooked fences and lastly a haunted castle of course!! And there u have a Halloween cake.

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I love this cake
by: Takez The Cake

I am a very big gothic fan and I love this cake

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Coolest Spooky Birthday Cake 38

by Jan P.
(South Australia)

Homemade Spooky Birthday Cake

Homemade Spooky Birthday Cake

My granddaughter decided she wanted a spooky party and asked me to make her a spooky birthday cake. I made 2 chocolate log tin cakes layered on top of each other. I then cut the roof section sloping back and front then iced it with purple butter icing.

I cut up flat licorice into tiles for the roof then added another piece of cake on top for chimney. This was a little tricky as had to cut a v section to fit on roof. Then I had such fun decorating with spiders and used white fluff for smoke.

We decided she needed some witches to go with it so I made these cupcakes iced with green butter icing then I dipped ice cream cones in melted chocolate and put them on top to make the hats. The eyes were white fondant.

My granddaughter's guests all loved this cake and it was so much fun to make.

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