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Coolest HALO Grunt Birthday Cake 2

by Trish D.
(Gresham, OR, United Sates of America)

Homemade HALO Grunt Birthday Cake

Homemade HALO Grunt Birthday Cake

Every year my children ask me to "make" their cake instead of purchasing a themed cake and every year the request's get a little more difficult!! Usually leaving me worried that last minute I would be making a "Mad Dash" the the local bakery or specialty ice cream parlor for a quick fix after my attempt. The kids seem to be impressed much more than I am with the finished product.

This year my son Dylan wanted a HALO Grunt Birthday Cake. After searching all over the internet for something to try to model it, I finally had to experiment on my own using a 6" figurine to model after. I used several different shapes, Pyrex small dessert bowls as well as rigging a Wilton cake rod in a large round Pyrex bowl so that the cake would bake evenly. It was overwhelming all the large, and several small cakes. I always freeze them before dirty icing them and then I make my own buttercream and pre-tint (making larger amounts) so that I do not have to attempt to match colors if I need more.

I just jumped in and this is what we ended up with??? Alien type cakes are not the prettiest cakes to get to decorate, however my son was elated!

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way cool
by: Anonymous

That is awesome! my son called the grunts swipers for a while. lol great job!

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Coolest Master Chief from Halo Cake 1

by Lyndsi

Halo Cake

Halo Cake

My neighbor's son wanted a Halo party for his 6th birthday. He wanted Master Chief's helmet for his cake. We looked at a few pictures from the game and came up with this design.

We started with 2 9x13 cakes and 3 round cakes (each layer a different flavor). We stacked 2 of the round cakes on top of one of the 9x13 cakes and carved the back to make it even, we then carved the mouth piece of the helmet into the shape we needed. Then we cut the front of the 2 round cakes for the "plastic eye piece" to give it a little more shape.

Next we took the other 9x13 cake, stacked the other round cake on top, carved the visor part of the helmet and the top of the helmet. We frosted both pieces an army green except they eye part which was frosted white.

We used 2 yellow fruit roll-ups for the eye part, placed dowels in the bottom half so it wouldn't crush, and assembled the cake when we got to the party. The girl who helped with the party (it was at a skating rink) knew exactly what it was. We got a lot of ohs and awes from guests on the Halo cake.

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Sad commentary on appropriate viewing
by: Anonymous

For those who are not aware... Halo is rated "M" for mature audiences only and a 6 year old knows enough about it to want a specific character's helmet for his cake...very sad.

On the other hand, the cake looks pretty good!

by: Awsome boy

Thats awsome

Great job!
by: Anonymous

The cake looks great! I have a 12 year old who is in "love" with Halo! This will make a great birthday cake for him! Thanks for the instructions on how you made it.

great job!
by: Anonymous

You did an incredible job on this cake! My 15 yr old son would love it! My 3 yr old as well!!. He sees his older bro's playing the game. Don't you hate it when people judge you and have to add their opinion? Don't let the previous comment take away the happiness you had seeing your son's face light up when he saw his cake :) great job!

My son would love that cake...
by: Anonymous

But I'm too lazy to make it.

And's rated "M". What a sin! My 9 year old son loves the game and if he grows up to want to kill aliens from another planet, so be it.

Nope, we shouldn't judge...

I've even let my son have HALO parties with 8 kids. All their parents let them play it -- and I'm talking about some pretty conservative parents too!

halo cake
by: baddaman ting

Bad cake man, I love it. I like the game to.

by: Becca

Sweet cake! I'm actually thinking of making one for my friend's little sister. She's turning 10. I'll admit, yes, it IS rated "M," but so what, there's nothing horrible about that game. I'd rather have my kids playing that than Gran Turismo or some of the other games out there.

anyway, kudos on the cake! ^^

Cool cake!
by: RobFam6Dad

Awesome cake! I have been looking for something - ANYTHING - because my 5 year old turns six next week and would love this! Yes - I said 5 year old. And by the way he beat the game at the age of 4 in about 6 hours total on his own. And yes, we are a conservative Christian family and I allow my children to play this game. (Don't even think about GTA or Mercenaries or anything like that though!) Other than some bad language, which he hears on the school bus anyway, the game is cartoon-like enough with goofy looking aliens not to let it bother me.

Keep in mind it was Tipper Gore and company who pushed so hard for the reworking of those ratings, but objects to the blocking of pornographic websites in public schools. What is that all about?

Anyway - keep on being a good parent and cake maker! Thanks for the instructions!

About Halo Cake.
by: Bob

I must say I am very impressed with the structure of the cake. I am yet again astonished with this. I would gladly buy this cake myself for my son. Anyway, a very nice cake indeed. Full of talent.

by: Anonymous

My 4 year old son is in love with Halo. When he's not playing it, he's running around "capturing the flag" and carrying a pretend rifle and what not. It's all in good fun. At least there's no blood and guts in the game.

Cool cake by the way. My son loves it!

by: That one kid

Love the cake. I wish I was that talented! lol

by: Kimmybear

Here everyone is talking about their 5 and 10 year olds and I'm looking at this cake trying to decide if I can make it for my 21 year old fiancee.

Visor part
by: Anonymous

Great cake. How did you make sure the top visor part of the cake not fall or droop? I will be working on a cake just like yours all this wknd!!!

the visor
by: Lyndsi

I used the cake cardboard to hold the visor on top of the cake with dowels in the helmet part to support it. I just cut the cardboard to the shape I needed.

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Coolest Halo X-Box Cake 4

by Joelle
(Quesnel, BC, Canada)

Homemade Halo X-Box Cake

Homemade Halo X-Box Cake

My step son wanted a Halo and Xbox cake for his 8th birthday, so we Googled some images and tried it out. The Xbox was easy, just 2 9x13 cakes stacked and covered in fondant. Should have leveled it off but was in a hurry. I used a paint brush and food coloring to add the details.

The Master Chief helmet had to be iced, as my son does not like to eat fondant. I stacked and iced 3 8 inch round cakes, and topped them off with half a ball cake, shaved like the top of a helmet. The visor was just a piece of cardboard I cut out. For the visor I used a piece of fondant.

He loved it which is all that really matters.

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Coolest Halo Master Chief Cake 3

by Laura
(McMurray, PA)

Homemade Halo Master Chief Cake

Homemade Halo Master Chief Cake

My daughter and I created this Halo Master Chief cake for a 5 year old's birthday, though the kid isn't allowed to play the game, he still LOVES Halo.

We used 2 1/2 10" cakes and 2 1/4 8" cakes with a dense cake. We began carving and shaping and then crumb coated. The whole thing is fondant covered. The shield is sprayed with a gold and the rest of the helmet was army green and sprayed with a light coat of silver. The lights were purchased at a Michael's in the wedding section and placed into formed rice crispies. It was not as hard as it looked.

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