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Coolest Hamburger Cake 51

by Loi Da Silva
(Pembroke Pines, FL)

Hamburger Cake

Hamburger Cake

This Hamburger cake was made for my son's 5th birthday. The theme was Spongebob Squarepants and his birthday atmosphere was set in "Bikini Bottom" (Spongebob's town under the sea!). I wanted to make his cake instead of ordering the expensive ones from a specialty bakery.

I decided to create a "krabby patty" which pretty much looks like a typical burger. The top bun was baked in a 2 quart glass Pyrex casserole. The patty was baked using a 10 inch round pan and the bottom bun was baked in a 9 inch round pan.

I frosted the buns with homemade peanut butter frosting. ( recipe for bun frosting: 1/2 cup butter, 1 cup creamy peanut butter, 3 tablespoons of milk and 2 cups of confectioners sugar). The peanut butter frosting gave the perfect color for the buns and for added realism. I topped off the bun with sesame seeds.

The patty part of the cake was frosted with chocolate frosting and covered with crushed chocolate cookies. The tomatoes, lettuce and cheese were fondant.

The buns were yellow cake and the patty was chocolate cake. So when you cut into the cake the inside matched the outside and looked even more real.

I served the cake in front of a Spongebob display I made out of foam and felt with his pineapple house in the background made out of cardboard and colored with crayons.

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Nice cake
by: Damian Lugo

My son used to love Spongebob, he would have loved this cake.

by: Anonymous

hey i was just wondering where you get a tin that big for the spong bob and how do u get te arms to stay up there?

by: Anonymous

hey i was just wondering where you get a tin that big for the sponge bob and how do u get the arms to stay up there?

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Coolest Hamburger Cake 52

by Ratna
(Fort Worth, Texas)

Hamburger Cake

Hamburger Cake

I made this hamburger cake with the much help of my "cake decorating" mentor for a friend's birthday. The theme of this (surprise) birthday party was fancy picnic, and we were going to serve make-to-order hamburgers, all decked out in special packaging. So I thought a "hamburger" cake would suit this event very well.

The bottom and top buns were yellow cakes, while the meat was brownie. All three cakes were baked in 8" round pans. I carefully pressed down the first yellow cake after it had time to cool off from the oven. This was to flatten the cake, which always has that small "doming" tendency. With the brownie, I carefully picked the outer edge to give it that "meaty" look. And finally, the top bun, I was grateful for that "natural doming" effect the cake had.

The buns were iced with homemade butter cream icing while I let the brownie "naked." We used rolled fondant for the lettuce, cheese slices and tomatoes. Also the fries were made of fondant.

Everyone at the party was very impressed, and my friend was delightedly surprised. Everything turned out just perfect!

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by: Jill H.

This is one of the best burger cakes I've seen! It looks perfectly real and the fries are SO cool!

Fries :-)
by: Anonymous

Look's Great! I made a hamburger cake for my brother a couple months ago. I tried to do fries like you've done but I couldn't figure out how to get them wavy like that. So I ended up doing straight fries. Could you tell me how you did your fries. I search online for days trying to find out how, but nothing! Thanks and keep up the great work.

This was the best picture I saw :o)
by: Debbie

What were your seeds on the top roll? I hope to make this next week...if it looks half as good as yours, I'll be happy. Love the idea of the brownie burger...thanks!

by: Anonymous

Cool cake

Like it
by: Nene

I love your cake it makes me want to make it

Most realistic.
by: Columbia, MO

Wonderful! And it sounds relatively easy too. I will be making this for my husband's birthday.

I would like to try to make this...
by: Anonymous


bun seeds
by: Anonymous

The seeds on top of the bun i am assuming are almond slices.

by: Anonymous

the fries are cut with a crinkle cutter

by: Annie

This looks great! I want to try it for my son's 7th birhtday. It doesn't look like there is icing on it anywhere?? Other than the fondant. Is the butter cream on the inside on the bun?

color of bun
by: Patti

How did you get the color of the bun?

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Coolest Burger And Fries Birthday Cake 69

by Jordan and Jessica
(Montreal, Qc.)

Homemade Burger And Fries Birthday Cake

Homemade Burger And Fries Birthday Cake

My friend and I wanted to make a cake for her boyfriend's birthday. As he loves hamburgers, we decided to bite the bullet and attempt a Burger And Fries Birthday Cake. We made the two 'bun' layers out of dark chocolate cake, and the 'patty' layer out of red velvet, so when you cut into it the burger appears to be medium rare.

The relish is chopped up green gummies. For the tomato and cheese, we melted red and orange Jubejubes in the microwave and rolled them out and cut and shaped them. The lettuce is green frosting. We topped the top bun with rice krispies to make the sesame seeds.We cut and toasted pound cake in the oven, for the fries and are thrilled with the results.

But our secret ingredient was LOVE! We were both very happy with the results and plan on making more burger cakes in the future.

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