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Coolest Hamster Littlest Pet Shop Cake 3

by Pamela
(Snohomish, WA)

Homemade Hamster Littlest Pet Shop Cake

Homemade Hamster Littlest Pet Shop Cake

My daughter wanted a Hamster cake to go along with her Littlest Pet Shop Party theme. She also wanted the hamster to resemble our own beloved pet hamster.

I left the cake in the cake pan to create the illusion of a cage. I created the hamster by covering a Twinkie with homemade marshmallow fondant. The wheel was crafted by inserting thin wire into Twizzler's and creating two circles. I then cut shorter pieces of Twizzler's and inserted toothpicks through them so they would stick to each side of the circles creating spokes for the wheel.

The little house was formed by stacking 6 Twinkies and covering them with fondant. I also created the food dish, carrots and food nuggets with fondant. The litter was crushed ice cream cones sprinkled over the cake (which was frosted with buttercream frosting).

Last but not least, I rolled tiny little pieces of black fondant to create the poo corners - realism at its best! Believe it or not, all the girls wanted to eat a piece of cake from the poo corner. They thought it was hilarious. This Hamster Littlest Pet Shop Cake was actually a pretty easy cake to create and loads of fun, too.

Hamster Cake

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LOVE THIS CAKE!!!! Great ideas, thx.
by: Katherine Fancett

THANK YOU! I have been stressing out over trying to make a fondant cake from scratch - for weeks now, two days til party...just made the fondant, marshmallow fondant from scratch.....first time ever...and there were so many ideas in my head, I, well, got a wee bit "overwhelmed". So, sorry to say this, but I am definitely going to use some of your ideas on her 10th birthday cake. She has had 5 hamsters to date, and this will be a "wonderful" surprise. Thank you again for posting such a creative, beautifully planned out cake, poop pellets and all!!!! I LOL when I saw it and thought it was brilliant. Good Job!

Great Idea
by: Rachel

It's truly an amzing idea and what I found the most creative part was the litter itself. It looks realistic and as soon as I saw the picture I was like "How did she do that?". The ice cream cones was a great idea, along with the entire cake design. It's really remarkable, great job :)

by: Michelle

My little girl is hamster crazy and has 3 of them! I will be using your cake as inspiration!

by: GravyGirl8808

What a fantastic idea, and beautifully executed!

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Coolest Gerbil Cake

by Hilary

Homemade Gerbil Cake

Homemade Gerbil Cake

My children have 4 gerbils so we had to have a gerbil cake. The cake is a normal round chocolate cake, iced in purple and chocolate. The 4 gerbils are each made of a small chocolate sponge roll (unwrapped!). I used a knife to shape the gerbils' bottoms and cut a further roll into pieces to make pointed heads. I used icing to stick the heads to the bodies then iced each gerbil in a different shade of brown (to match our gerbils) and used a fork to roughen up the icing to look like fur. I added ears and tail made of ready made icing and little chocolate drops as eyes.

The gerbils love playing inside cardboard tubes so I made a tube of chocolate. To do this I wrapped non-stick parchment paper around a cardboard tube and brushed on layers of melted chocolate. I put this in the refrigerator to harden then gently removed the cardboard from inside. This was fiddly, but it did save me making so many gerbils - as I put a head of one colour at one end of the tube and the bottom and tail of a different coloured gerbil at the other end!

Comments for Coolest Gerbil Cake

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oh my god
by: Anonymous

this is the coolest cake I had ever seen! I would have loved it at my birthday party!

by: ilsa

wow!! that cake is awesome!!I myself have 4 gerbils. Bitsy, Rose, Shilo,and Voldomort. 3 are gray and Bitsy is yellow-orange. At one point, I had 11 gerbils!! I just couldn't have enough rodents!! I love this cake soo much that I will use this cake for my 11th birthday!! I'm so glad I found your website!

by: ilsa

Has anyone tried this cake and commented it?

by: Anonymous

I want one!

by: 1000GERBILS

how do you make it?!

my cake!!
by: ilsa

My cake was awesome!! I had to Gerbils on it!
Of course thanks to you!

guinea pig cake
by: your emperer

does anyone know how to make guinea pig cake? I'm getting one next week for my birthday!

by: brirae15

that is quite creepy "happy birthday little johnny, why dont you cut open that cute little gerbil and eat it?!?!?"

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Coolest Hamster Cupcakes

by Chantal

Coolest Homemade Hamster Cupcakes

Coolest Homemade Hamster Cupcakes

My daughter really wanted to have a hamster birthday cake, I decided to do cupcakes. The body of the hamster uses a regular sized cupcake and the face is a miniature-sized cupcake layed on its side.

I used a colored miniature marshmallow for its nose and a pink marshmallow cut on the diagonal to make his ears. When placing the mini cupcake and marshmallows I piped a small amount of icing on to help make it stay in position.

After putting all the pieces together I iced the whole cupcake with the star tip to make it look like hair, icing just around the ears and leaving a tiny bit of the pink marshmallow showing. The body was iced using 2/3 vanilla and 1/3 chocolate frosting in the decorator bag to make it look like her hamster.

I then added mini choc chips for the eyes and the tip of the nose. I piped on whiskers around the nose.

These were actually very simple and quick to make up. My daughter loved them and so did her friends.

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Coolest Hamster Cake 2

by Laura
(Springfield, VA)

Homemade Hamster Cake

Homemade Hamster Cake

I made this Hamster Cake for my son's 5th birthday party. He got a hamster like Roly Poly in the Kipper show on PBS Sprout. I used a loaf pan, two small heart shaped springform pans and one half of a ball pan. I used one half for the head and then cut the other in half to make the back legs. I used the half ball cake, the dome, to create a higher back. I carved it a bit to give it a shape. I crumb-coated with white icing and then used the grass tip to crate fur in white and orange-brown that I mixed up.

I colored fondant to make the feet, tail and ears. To shape the feet, I used a holly leaf cookie cutter. The eyes are just black M&M's. The cake took about an hour to ice.

Comments for Coolest Hamster Cake 2

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coolest cake ever
by: Anonymous

this is the most stunning cake I have ever seen!
I love hamsters, and will definitely bake a cake like this for my own birthday!

by: Anonymous

My daughter wants a hamster cake so bad, and I can't find one. Your cake is perfect...... I can't bake though. Any chance u live in Lancaster, Pa??? I'd pay u to make that cake for me. Her bday is 8/17. That cake is so awesome!!!!

by: Anonymous

m always looking at this site for cool cake ideas. I've had lots of success but this is the first time I have ever commented on one... This cake is THE COOLEST MOST AWESOME CAKE!!! i WILL BE MAKING IT FOR ONE OF MY GRANDSONS NEXT WEEK. tHANKS

Cool Cake
by: Anonymous

This might sound a little silly, I am a 30 yr old man and I am going to be TRYING to make this for my wife. She love's hamsters and I am getting her one for her birthday. It does look amazing.

Question about Hamster Cake 2
by: Grandma Sandy

I LOVE this cake - have been decorating it (in my sleep) for a month now! My granddaughter is getting a Teddy Bear hamster for her birthday and has requested I bake her a hamster cake. I have all the pans you mentioned but I have a question. I plan to use the loaf pan for the body (then trim it) I planned to use half of the ball cake for the head, taking the crown of the second half and mounding it on the back for a higher elevation. Then I'm taking the two 4" heart shaped pans and cutting each cake in half - front feet and back feet. I'll do the crumb frosting then use the 'grass' tip to make the fur. My question is I didn't understand what you did with the heart shaped cakes and didn't understand the "half of the ball cake" Any information will be much appreciated. Thanks

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