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Coolest Handy Manny Cake 14

by Stephanie
(Santa Rosa, CA)

Homemade Handy Manny Cake

Homemade Handy Manny Cake

My son was in a Handy Manny phase when he turned 2, so the theme of the cake was easy. I shopped the web for ideas and came up with this version of Manny's toolbox for my son's cake.

I baked a 10x15 inch cake (vanilla) for the bottom, which I cut to look like the wood sign for Manny's shop. I covered it in homemade buttercream tinted a soft yellow. Then I tinted piping gel brown, and streaked it through the buttercream to make it look like the wood grain. I piped big dots in the corners and made them look like screws and nails.

For the toolbox, I baked another 10x15 inch cake (chocolate) and cut it into three equal pieces. I stacked and filled it with cookies & cream filling (YUM!), then frosted it with red buttercream. For the handle, I cut and shaped cereal treats to look like the sides (first time doing that) and used a plastic column for the actual handle. I covered the cereal treats with royal icing to get them to be hard enough to hold the handle (thank you cake shows). I used gum paste (another first) to cover the cereal treats and handle. The gum paste was very stretchy and didn't smooth out well at all, and I know fondant would have been a better choice.

I used my son's toys to accent the toolbox, but you'll notice stretch is missing (we found her later). This homemade Handy Manny cake was fun and turned out very cute.

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Manny cake
by: jackie

My son loves Manny also. I am getting ideas on how to do the cake. Your cake is really cute.

Was it really hard to do?

I would like to try and do something similar to what you did. If you can, give any advice - it will help me out so much. Thank you!

by: Anonymous

i could not do that! you know where I can buy one from?

Handy Manny Cake
by: Amanda

That is an awesome cake!!

Where's Stretch!?!?
by: Anonymous

I am trying to make this same cake right now (looking for inspiration on the web!) and we can't find our Stretch either!! Your cake looks great...hopefully I can post mine soon. Party is in 2 days!!

Great Cake
by: Ty'sMom

I wish i could come up with ideas like this on my own. I always go on line looking for ideas and always find the perfect one. I cant wait to attempt this cake for my son's b-day.

by: Anonymous

My Daughter is going to be 2 and she loves handy Manny !! I'm getting ideas for cakes and your cake is adorable

by: Anonymous

This cake is really cute! I am looking to make a cake similar to this for a friends little boy. Just a tip I have picked up, mix Gum Paste and Fondant 50/50. It will make it harder and stronger then fondant and it will be a bit easier to work with. It is really great for items you need to be stronger. It will be smoother then just gum paste. I made a Minnie mouse cake for my daughter and I used that combo for the ears.

Great Idea
by: carmela

Thanks for the detail in explaining how you made the cake - I am going to give it a go this week for my son's 3rd birthday - he loves tool boxes at he moment. Looking for all Handy Manny's friends in our toy box as we speak.

The Great Handy Manny tools search
by: Nikki

I will be making this cake for my son's 4th birthday this weekend. We are searching for tools also. Isn't it funny how those tools always seem to be around until you really need them.

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Handy Manny Cake

by Jessica Hoalcraft
(my house)

I got this idea from another picture that was on here, but did mine a little different. I lined the outside of the cake but only on the top with graham crackers, than between the cracks of the crackers i made three dots with decorating chocolate frosting, as we all know chocolate melts so I'm sure it'll eventually be just a line but oh well. I than than took the tools from the handy Manny tool box sex and just stuck them into the cake. I also took handy and the lady from a different set of handy Manny figurines and stuck them in as well. I than again with the chocolate frosting decor, made nails, which im sure wont look like nails when its time to eat but they do now.

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Handy Manny Cake

by nicola

I made this cake for my Manny mad 2 yr old. Printed off pic from web and enlarged. Basic sponge cake , 2*6" square cakes, trimmed about an inch off each and put together. Covered with butter icing, light brown. Added a line of dark brown colouring around edge with a brush. Traced pic of manny on to ready made roll out icing and cut out. Scored lines with sharp knife then painted with food colouring. Piped on nose and mouth lines and added nail, screws and bolt cut out of icing and painted.

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Coolest Handy Manny Cake 10


Homemade  Handy Manny Cake

Homemade Handy Manny Cake

This Handy Manny Cake took me about a week to make. All of the tools and Handy Manny are made from fondant.

The cake is iced with buttercream and then I let it crust. I took viva pater towel and smooted it out. It makes it look like the cake is covered in fondant.

Thanks for looking.

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by: Heather

This is great! My almost 3 yr old wants a Handy Manny Cake for his birthday and I love the way you put this together! Very nice job!!

Well done !!
by: Auntie XD

My nephew wants a Handy Manny cake for his birthday. Could you please post the recipe of this cake coz it' really well made and I want to try to do it. Thanks and well done x

by: Kristen

This cake is amazing. My son will be three in November and he loves Handy Manny. I would love to have a cake like this for his birthday. Good Job.

by: Anonymous

It looks AWESOME!!!

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