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Coolest Happy Feet Birthday Cake 25

by Heather H.
(San Antonio, TX)

Homemade Happy Feet Birthday Cake

Homemade Happy Feet Birthday Cake

When my daughter turned two, she was really into "Happy Feet." We decided to venture away from our typical Wilton pan birthday cake and do a freehand Happy Feet Birthday Cake.

Using the Happy Feet napkin design, my husband cut the Happy Feet shape seen in the picture using a serrated knife. We used a 13x9 cake pan to create the shape, which produced a large enough cake to feed most of the 20ish people at the party along with cupcakes we made just in case. One cake mix was all we needed. I used pre-made frosting to color. A buttercream vanilla was used as the base for the blue-gray and white seen. Chocolate frosting was used for the "black." I made the blue-gray using the white frosting some Wilton black coloring gel and a little blue. The turquoise color for the eye was made with the white frosting and Wilton teal.

The mouth was made using the white frosting and mickey peach. The yellow was made using the white frosting and yellow. We made the cake in August in Texas during the heat of the summer and my goal of using the "star" tip piping method had to be abandoned because the frosting started to melt.

We had also started the cake the morning of the party so we were short on time. Thus, we decided to "ice" the cake like a regular cake using the different colors. To make it more realistic , we used a toothpick to "feather" the frosting and to blend the colors a bit so that they would not look so divided.

Happy Feet danced shortly after that. It took about 3 hours to put the whole thing together.

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Coolest Happy Feet Cake 18

by Liz R.

Homemade Happy Feet Cake

Homemade Happy Feet Cake

For my son's first birthday, even though he won't remember the cake, I decided to do something different and special. The decision on the theme of the cake was easy since he loved the movie Happy Feet. Googling penguin cakes I came up with a few ideas on what I wanted my happy Feet cake to look like and then started looking up on how to make the fondant icing. I came across this site.

I made the fondant the night before I made the cake so that I had one less thing to do the next day.

Nine hours was put into making the cake and forming the fondant the way I wanted it to look. I believe a good bit of that time was spent simply because it's the first time I had ever worked with a fondant icing and the time it took to make the black coloring.

The penguin tummies are made of cupcakes so they are indeed an eatable treat that the kids enjoyed eating. For the Birthday boy's destroyable and eatable cake I just made a smaller penguin out of the fondant and put it on top of a cupcake, that was of course removed as soon as we put it on his tray so he didn't choke on it.

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by: Anonymous

my best friend is in love with penguins, and im thinking ill be going with you design for her birthday. you definitely inspired me!

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