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Coolest Hippo Head Cake 6

by Tracey
(Windham, NH)

Homemade Hippo Head Cake

Homemade Hippo Head Cake

This Hippo head cake looks like a lot of work but it's really easy to make. My 12 year old daughter Alivia loves hippos. She has very large hippo collection. When she asked me last year to bake her a hippo cake I thought, "she must think I've got talent!" I was quite surprised at how easy it was and how great it came out.

You will need two boxes of cake mix (flavor of your choice, 2 Extra large marshmallows (let sit out over night for firmness), frosting, two round 8" cake pans, 1 loaf pan and a cupcake pan. Pour batter evenly into both cake pans, loaf pan and only 2 cupcakes for the cupcake pan.

After cooking and cooling. Place the two round cakes on top of one another and place the Marshmallows where the teeth would go to hold the mouth open. Place the loaf cake in the back (this is where the bottoms of the cupcakes go (decorate for eyes), place the muffin tops on top of the round cake towards the front (nostrils).

We used blue frosting. Fondant can also be used. Have fun!

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by: Anonymous

This is cute what did u use for the ears?

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Coolest Hippo Cake 4

by MaryAnne and Jenny
(Severna Park, MD, )

Margaret's Happy Hippo Cake

Margaret's Happy Hippo Cake

Mom and I made this hippo cake for my daughter Margaret's 3rd birthday. She is a hippo fanatic. We combined ideas from other pictures and worked out a design as we went along.

We used the marshmallows as teeth to prop the mouth open and added fondant eyelashes and lips! We also put on a little tail with a pink bow on the rear end. This was our first time using fondant, and we were pleased with the results.

The hardest part was deciding how to stack the cake to make the form of the animal. We cut two cakes into several different pieces and we think it turned out great! when you use fondant it covers areas that have to be filed in with icing and makes it a nice smooth top.

Thanks so much to the person who posted the original hippo cake using fondant. It was a great help to see the picture and have something to go on. I would encourage anyone to try your hand at making a hand shaped cake. You never know what you can do until you give it a try!

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Love your hippo!!!
by: Michelle W.

thank you for the wonderful comments- what a sweet hippo you made! I LOVE the idea with the teeth and the bow! Soooo cute!

Hippo How To
by: Brenda

Could you give a few more directions for how you baked and then cut/assembled the hippo cake? My daughter really wants one for her 3rd birthday.


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Coolest Hippo Birthday Cake 5

by Danielle T.
(Vaudreuil, Qu├ębec, Canada)

Homemade Hippo Birthday Cake

Homemade Hippo Birthday Cake

This Hippo Birthday Cake was made for my 3 year old daughters' birthday. Every year I try to make something special for their birthday (I have twins, so I have to find 2 cake ideas every year!!! - go see the polar bear birthday cake ).

I used 2 x 8" round pans to build this cake. I kept one just like that and I cut the other one to build the top head part. I added the rest of the cake that I cut for the head, on top of the whole round one, so the nose would look bigger.

I covered the cake in sugar dough and I used chipits for the eyes. I placed a little pink ribbon around the head.

My daughter sleeps with this pink hippo stuffed animal since she's born. I wanted to make something really special for her this year and I think I did pretty good for somebody who never worked with sugar dough before!

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Granddaughter's birthday cake
by: Grandma

I may be prejudiced but this cake was wonderful!

Very cute!
by: Arlene W.

You did a wonderful job!

great job
by: Kathy

Do you do cakes often? I would never have thought of doing this especially the way you did it. Extremely wonderful.

once a year
by: Danielle T.

I have to do birthday cakes once a year. The first year I made 2 sheep, last year was a dragon and a ladybug. And this year was the hippo and the polar bear. First try with sugar dough...

Beautiful cake!
by: mamagug

OK, you inspired me to try one of these cakes. Mine came out okay, but yours is awesome! Couldn't get the cake to dome up as much as I wanted, so he ended up with a flat face... Nice job.

sugar dough
by: Amanda

I would love to know how to make sugar dough. I'm 16 and am trying to make a hippo cake for mothers day for my mom, and considering i want to be a baker when i get older, i would love love lovee to know how to make sugar dough.

You did an amazing job on this cake by the way!

More Details plz
by: Angela

My friend requested me to make this cake for her birthday, I would like to ask for more details.
For the head, do you need to trim a thin layer off so that it looks lower than the nose? You just make the ears with sugar dough? Did you ice your cake before putting on sugar dough? If putting rest of the cake on top of the nose will it look bumpy after sugar dough? Or should I put in the layer? Thanks!

by: Amber

This is so cute. My 2 year old daughter sleeps with a pink hippo too! Wonder if it's the same one! HA! Anyway, so cute! Great job!

by: Anonymous

My daughter will be 7, and she still carries around a stuffed animal hippo, that she loves! This cake is amazing! wonderful job!

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Homemade Hippo Cake

by Shelly
(Manitowoc, WI)

Hippo Cake

Hippo Cake

A girl from work collects Hippos and was given a Wilton Hippo pan years ago. It has been sitting in her kitchen and has never been used. When it came time for her birthday, she knew I did cakes and asked if I would make one for her. Wasn't sure how to quite decorate a Hippo cake but I thought this one turned out pretty well. I made it with a marble cake mix and did up a few different colors. Since many Hippos are portrayed as purple and pink, I went with this idea. I used the Wilton colors with a combination of purple and black to give it a more grayish tone and then used pink for the pads of its feet and a white eye and teeth. I used a number of different sized star tips for the main design. I think "she" is adorable!

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