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Coolest Hogwarts Birthday Cake 9

by Heather

Homemade Hogwarts Birthday Cake

Homemade Hogwarts Birthday Cake

This Hogwarts Birthday Cake was made for my boyfriend's 21st birthday. He made a joke saying I should make a Harry Potter cake and I took him seriously and came up with this.

This Hogwarts cake has a grand hall and some towers, a courtyard (cardboard not cake), an owlery with owls, Hagrids hut, a flying quidditch player and lots of the main characters including Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hagrid, Prof Dumbledore etc.

The cake is made from sponge although the cone shaped roofs are cardboard covered in foil then iced because cake roofs were too heavy and made the towers collapse.

The cake is covered with butter icing and the roof tiles, characters and so on are fondant icing. I used some green dusting powder to make the ivy leaves look more interesting and to make the roof tiles look older like they had moss on. The characters were made in advance because I decided it didn't matter if they dried out because we weren't going to eat them.

The pumpkins over by Hagrids hut are made from coloured marzipan.




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Big fan
by: LENI

Big Fan of Harry potter.The tiles on the roof look great and so do the characters!Loved it!

by: aderyn3

That turned out great! I used a mold for a castle for my daughter's Hogwarts cake last year, and it didn't work out so well. I love yours! I can't wait to show her when she comes inside!

very impressive
by: Anonymous

It is amazing. I plan to make it for my son's birthday, please can you tell me how you made the quidditch player?

by: Anonymous

that is very impressive and creative. Did it all get swallowed?

I love harry potter
by: harry potter lover

He is so cute!

p.s. great cake

Cool cake
by: Anonymous

That cake is Huge! I Love Harry potter and if I got that cake I would be over the moon!!!!'!!!!!

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Coolest Hogwarts Birthday Cake 14

by Olivia W.
(Qld, Australia)

Homemade Hogwarts Birthday Cake

Homemade Hogwarts Birthday Cake

For my 17th birthday, I decided to have a ‘Harry Potter’ themed party, a Hogwarts Birthday Cake included! It was the combined effort of both my mum and my aunt and lots of advice and titivating from me.

Mum cooked three red velvet cakes in different sized cake tins – in decreasing sizes. She bought two packets of chocolate roll cakes with six rolls in each packet.

She placed the three home-made cakes on top of each other, and then carved out semi-circles so as to fit the chocolate rolls in place as turrets. Tall turrets were joined by wooden skewers. Mum made mountains of chocolate butter icing and smothered the whole cake in this icing.

I rolled the ice-cream cones in icing sugar (to age them) and helped cut the liquorice all-sorts lollies into the window shapes and door frame. My job was to also make the flag-pole and flag. I also helped roll out the royal icing to cut and shape the ghost – not seen very well in the above picture.

Together we put the finishing touches on to the cake – windows, pointy turrets, door and voilà! A Hogwarts Castle Cake.

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Coolest Hogwarts Cake Design 10

by Robin
(Londonderry, NH)

Homemade Hogwarts Cake Design

Homemade Hogwarts Cake Design

I made this Hogwarts Cake Design for my twin nephews 7th birthday. Hogwarts in all its glory atop a rocky ridge with Harry, Ron & Hermione walking up the dirt path leading to the

The 1st cake layer is sculpted and frosted with the grass tip. The 2nd cake layer is frosted with gray frosting and then covered with gray fondant to look like stone. The main castle is cake and the turrets are made from rice crispy treats, both covered with fondant.

Notice Hedwig and Fawkes perched on the castle and the House Flags denoting each turret. This cake took a lot of preparation, but was fun and actually not too difficult to assemble. The castle stood atop a thin piece of plywood with 4" dowels screwed in for stability, then covered with gray fondant (covered in fondant stones) to match the 2nd stone layer.

The castle was transported off the cake and set on top at the party. It was the hit of the party!!

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Castle cake

I love this Harry Potter castle cake! My twin grandsons are having a big birthday next week and I want to make this cake, but I can't seem to run a copy. It is frustrating!
Please help! Thanks.

its so cool
by: Anonymous

your cake is so cool!!! I and my sister made gingerbread Hogwarts. maybe i will do Hogwarts cake on my birthday..:)

by: Lihini

I think your cake looks awesome and I want to make one similar but I'm kind of new at making cakes like this. Could you please give me a more detailed recipe.

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