Anytime you make a cake with gumpaste flowers on it, it’s best to make them first and let them sit so you can give them time to dry. I made these daisies using daisy cutters, gumpaste tools and a foam pad you can buy at Micheal’s. I made the middle of the flowers yellow, green and blue and placed them falling down the sides of the cake fading into each other. I started off making this cake with store bought cake mix (which is why it’s warped on one side from being in the heat) and making homemade buttercream. Since I was in a rush and it’s only a first birthday I didn’t use any type of filling in this cake. I took about 2-2 1/2# fondant and colored it bright orange, rolled it out and spread it over both cake tiers. I then made different colors of fondant (blue, green, pink and yellow). I rolled them out and using a pizza cutter, cut them into strips, and put them directly onto the cake using water to glue them on. I then took the different colors and rolled them out thin and cut them with different sized piping tips, again using water to glue the dots on.

The argyle was the hardest of them all. I had never done it before, and it didn’t help that I made it at 3:30AM the night before the party. I rolled out green fondant and used my offset spatula as a ruler to cut the diamonds. I glued them on corners touching, and then cut super (messy!) thin strips of yellow fondant and glued those on too. I made the balls around the border last and glued them on as fast as i could, making them super sloppy but I needed to get some sleep.