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Homemade 60th cake

by linda

This cake was made for my daughters boyfriends mom for her 60th birthday.
I baked a 3 x 10” plain sponge sandwich cakes and when cold I placed on a cake board and filled with butter cream and jam in tiers, I then covered it with butter cream all over and chilled in the freezer for 10 min, I then covered the whole cake in roll out icing I then coloured some icing in pink and cut out the 6 and the 0 and arranged in the centre of the cake, then I cut out the letters and placed these in position on the cake and attached using a little water.
Then I coloured some icing in a darker pink and cut out the flowers and placed these in position on the top of the cake I then wet the centre of each flower with a little water and attached an edible bead in each flower
I then decorated around the bottom edge of the cake with large daisy flowers in a light pink cut in half, I attached one to each corner and then one in the centre, and attached these with a little water, then I attached small flowers in darker pink in the centre and attached a edible bead in the centre, I then attached a small flower with a bead in the centre between the large daisy flowers
This was left over night for the icing to harden
Meanwhile I cut out some daisy’s in flower paste ½ in white and the other in pink and attached a wire into them and then lay them flat to harden over night. The next day I taped all the wires together and placed them in a posy pick, I pushed this into the cake and spread the wires out to the shape I wanted.

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