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Homemade 70th Cake

by linda

Me my sister and brother did a surprise party for our mom who was 70, and we decided to bake a cake for her, so this is the design we made for her.
I started by making the roses, leaves and the Champaign bottle for the decoration on the cake because there needed to dry out, then I made some stars out of flower paste in the same colour as the roses lay these flat on a board and inserted some florist wire and they were then left to harden I the cut out the letters MOM and inserted wire into these too and lay them flat. the next day I twisted the wires around a doweling rod and when they were all done they were taped together and pushed in a Posey pick and pushed into a cake dummy I use for drying out any modelling I make until the cake is ready to decorate . I then made the number 7 and 0 the numbers were covered in glitter when dry.
I then baked a 11” round plain sponge for the bottom tier and a chocolate sponge for the top tier, these were left to cool and then I filled them with butter cream and jam and sandwiched the together I then covered the whole cake one at a time in butter cream and placed in the freezer for 10 mins, when chilled I covered in fondant and also covered the board in fondant and set aside to dry out over night.
I placed 5 doweling rods into the centre of the larger cake to support the top cake, I spread a little royal icing on the bottom cake by the doweling rods and then positioned the smaller cake on top.
Then pipe iced around the bottom of the cake and attached the smaller roses and then arranged the leaves and roses around the middle of the cake and the top of the cake, I pushed the wire cake topper into the top cake and the added the small stars around the top of the cake, I then piped the leaves by the roses around the base of the cake finally I attached the Champaign bottle and the 70 to the cake, we were very pleased with the end result and so was my mom

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