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Homemade Animal Print Cake

by John Rushing
(Kansas City, KS)

This cake was for my daughters 5th birthday. She's huge into animal print and normally she tell me exactly what she wants but this time I told her I'd make it a surprise. And I saw a hanging cake before and thought this was a good time to try it. First thing I did was cut a round support from plywood , I used black 1/2" pipe for all the support.( Home Depot or Lowes)On one end take a eye hook( it will slide over the pipe) and buy a 1/2 cap, drill a hole in the top big enough for the eye hook to go in and bolt to it( it will come with a nut) I painted mine before this so it would look better and match the cake theme. Attach a threaded flange to the middle of that board and then take that piece of pipe at least 14" long and screw into the flange. Cover it with plastic wrap.Ok for the part the cake hangs on, its also 1/2" black pipe. The bottom round is also a piece of plywood. Mine was 14" round I screwed 2 pieces of 3/4" wood together and then add a flange and a long pipe at least 3" longer then your other pipe, depends on how high you want to cake to hang. You need a elbow, end cap and a pipe at lest 6" long. Screw all that together, use a pipe wrench to get it real tight. I covered all that pipe with fondant and sprayed it black, you can do so many things with that part as far as design. Dont forget to cover both rounds, I used foil that has plastic in the middle. Before putting your cakes on cardboard cut a hole big enough to go over the flange and sit on the plywood. As you are ready to add each tier you need to cut the boards on the other tiers before you add the cakes. You'll be sliding each tier down the long pipe so a hole in the cake makes it allot easier and less messy. The cake is your typical 3-tier cake. 10". 8" and 6". I covered all in fondant. Bottom tier...I dyed the fondant pink then rolled out some white fondant and cut out all the stripes and sprayed them black with a airbrush( you can dye it black too, I just try and airbrush as much as possible, it's allot easier) Next take a art paint brush and dip in water and wet the part of cake you plan on laying the strips. Middle tier... I dyed it grey and then cut out lepard spots and colored them black and purple, attached them the same way. Top tier.... dyed the fondant red, rolled out fondant and used a cookie cutter to make the dots( you can buy tons of different sizes at your cake supply store) sprayed them black and attached. Remember you still need to support the tier with wood rods as you would any tiered cake. Enjoy

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