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Homemade Baby Shower Cake

by Cindy Hurlbert
(Lithia, Florida)

Front of diaper cake

Front of diaper cake

Front of diaper cake
back of cake

3rd time making a diaper cake...this one was too pretty not to share. Theme was originally Care Bears...too are hard to find these days so I used new mom's colors of pink and yellow. The bottom is a sturdy cardboard wrapped in decorative wrapping paper (something that will match the rest of cake, of course). It contains about 85 newborn diapers; the center is a round gift container of shampoo/lotion/desitin, etc; and a tall bottle; the items spaced around the cake are: 3 pairs of socks; 3 pairs of mittens; 2 pacifiers; 2 bibs (backside) a pacifier clip/holder; topper is a rattle with 4 washclothes rolled into roses; 2 wrist rattles; lots of ribbons and bows. After wrapping cardboard in wrapping paper, I start rolling diapers. I prefer small rubberbands. The bottom layer the band is in the middle of the diaper because it will be hidden by a wide decorative ribbon; the 2nd & 3rd layers, I put the band near the top, then I tie ribbon around each diaper to hide the band. I alternate curling ribbon on one diaper, a tiny bow on the next one. I use large rubberbands to hold the ring of diapers together with wide decorative ribbon to hide the rubberbands. The top layer, instead of rolling the diapers, I just layered the diapers around each other, on their side, and wrapped it around the center bottle, held in place with a rubberband. I then used a receiving blanket to hide those diapers. To hold the socks, mittens, bibs, I use colored large paperclips, (pink & yellow). Paperclips work great! These are the vinyl coated colored large paperclips, I prefer them over using glue or tacks that might possibly tear the items. The topper is put in the middle of the blanket, 4 washclothes rolled into roses, placed around the topper. I made a pretty bow and trailed the ribbon down front of cake. The wrist rattles are easy to place around a rolled diaper. Most of the ribbons are the package type ribbons that I took apart (pull the center staple out). I then mix two together (one was a shiny, metallic yellow and then other had pink/blue/yellow abc blocks...they went together very well). It's best to use a solid with a print to intertwine. These are very inexpensive from the dollar stores and usually come with a regular bow. I used the 4 regular bows on each corner of the cardboard. I found some matching tiny stickers that I used to decorate some of the diapers too. If you tackle this project, I recommend using the white floral wire and rubberbands to hold things in place in addition to the paperclips. Next, I'm thinking of doing a wedding gift cake out of towels, hand towels, washclothes, can't wait to get started on that one!

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