This is a cake made for my niece’s 1st birthday. Being a new cake maker and all, I wanted to try something I had never attempted before. So I know if I can make a cake like this so can you!

Got the idea after browsing the internet for baby cakes, most of the cakes I saw all incorporated the baby blocks, which I loved! So I decided to use that idea. Although it wasn’t easy, it was a good start.

For the cake I used two 9” round cake pans. Although I have found easier to use the pans that are about 3” deep, that way there is no trying to level the cakes. If your in my situation though and don’t have a 3” deep pan, you can always level your cakes by using a knife. But if you are one of those people who just can never seem to cut straight I would buy a cake leveler, best thing I ever bought! They are about $4 and can usually be bought anywhere they sell cake accessories.

Now as far as the decorating goes, I used the basket weave with decorating tip #47. Not only does it make any cake look awesome but I have found it one of the easiest things to do. There are many videos one the internet that show you how to do it, which is how I learned; practicing it over and over helped a lot.

Now the baby blocks I have seen many people make them from rice crispy treats, and then cover them in fondant. Mine however, were made from some cake, bad idea, cake is very soft and breaks off easily. I covered them in my own fondant, another bad idea. May I suggest that if you have don’t know how to make fondant, spend the $8 on it. It’s a lot less time consuming and easier to handle, I think.

To end off the cake I bought some cute candles and made a cupcake to put in the middle of the cake for my niece to eat!