This was my first Barbie cake. I used an 8 cup oven safe pyrex measuring cup, one muffin tin, one can of the white decorator frosting, two cans of pink decorator frosting, three cans of blue blue decorator frosting, two containers of regular white frosting, one five dollar Barbie from Walmart, and two boxes of cake mix. The night before, I baked the skirt in the 8 cup pyrex cup, first for the average amount of time, then for 15 minute increments after-testing the cake after each 15 minutes. I also baked about a half dozen cupcakes. I painted them with simple syrup to help make a nice surface that wouldn’t have as many crumbs and I put them in the fridge overnight.

The next day, I mixed up some purple(ish) frosting, using neon food colouring, with purple and pink and regular white frosting. I also had some of the decorator icing in cans, pink and blue. I stuck the barbie in the top, found out she wouldn’t go all the way down, and paused. I decided to just leave her there, and use frosting to build up her skirt a bit.I frosted the entire skirt with the purple and used a regular star tip for the decorations. I then used the blue frosting to add layers of frosting to build up the top of the skirt until it reached her waist.

Finally, I frosted the cupcakes with white frosting and used the pink and blue decorator frosting with a regular round tip to design ribbons, bows and dots to make them look like presents, layered them in a stack and stuck the candle in them.

One caveat is that next time I Might buy another box of cake mix and also bake an 8 inch round cake to provide an extra layer of cake for the barbie’s skirt.