My six year old daughter finally became obsessed with Barbie last year and asked me to make her a Barbie cake with lots of pink. I’d never made a Barbie cake before and went online to do a bit of research first. The instructions tell you to bake it at least 50 minutes, but it was my experience that you need about 20 minutes more with the doll mold.

Once I realized that the cake would be too small for the army of children coming to her party, of course I started thinking about how I could make it even better. I decided that Barbie would make my daughter a cake too and present it on a clear plastic cup “stage”. I started with a half sheet yellow cake which I frosted white and piped bright pink around the top and bottom in a shell pattern. On top of that cake, I planned to place a Barbie doll presenting a little cupcake reading “Happy Birthday Chrissy” and various candles and decorations surrounding her.

The day of the party I had just finished five hours baking and decorating when a huge storm blew in and the petting zoo called to say we could reschedule the following weekend. After frantically calling the parents of 15 children, I had to then freeze a cake for the first time ever. I was terrified that it would not thaw correctly and I’d have a swarm of angry kindergarteners after me!

The following weekend found me carrying the cake in separate pieces and assembling at the barn surrounded by hungry children. The looks of disbelief on the kids’ (and parents’) faces were well worth the five hours I’d spent baking and decorating. And my daughter loved it. Now I have to wonder what type of cake she’ll want this year.