ok so this is my first fondant cake what i did was bake two 16 in rectangle chocolatte cakes and stacked them iced in between in order for them to hold together better i made my own buttercream frosting but its up to you what you want to use or prefere after i got the cakes stacked i iced around the sides and across the top because what that does is its works as a primer for the fondant so after you are doen with the frosting thats when you want to spread out the fondant you can make your own from scratch which if you want the recipe just let me know my email is sptfr987@yahoo.com or you can buy it premade at the store walmart does carry it in the craft section by the wedding stuff all you need is the 5 lb box its like maybe $18.00 any way the directions are on the box how to roll it out if you hand make it from scratch email me and ill explain how to roll it out anyways after you roll it out and put it on the cake what i do is paint the food coloring on it comes out ten times better that way just use your imagination thats key so yea the barney and the trees are one hundred percent hand crafted out of fondant and are one hundred percent edible the sand is made from crushed graham crackers and the grass is just green suger sprinkles and the high grass is icing all i did was cut a small hole in the side of a ziplock bag and lightly press it out and try to get the grass to stand lol i know its not much for an explanation but its the best i can do and to paint the food coloring on put it in a glass bowl and you can just use a plain water color paint brush i buy the multi packs in the craft section at walmart because they all have their own special curve but as i said before its ur choice