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Homemade Batman and Spiderman Cake

by linda

My cousin has twin boys and she wanted a cake made to suit the two of them one loves Spiderman and the other batman and this is the idea I came up with for them

I started by baking a 10” square cake when it was cold I filled the cake with butter cream and jam and then covered the whole cake in butter cream and placed in the freezer for about 10 min.
now the cake is ready to ice I rolled out the icing I had coloured in ice blue earlier and covered the whole cake, this was then set aside to harden slightly while I made a template for the batman and Spiderman design,
I coloured some yellow icing and cut out an oval shape to attach the batman logo in the black icing I had previously coloured the night before and attached these to the one side of the cake then I coloured some red icing and cut out the Spiderman shape and attached this to the other side of the cake, I then cut out the names and attached these to top of the cake, I then started to cut out building shapes out of the rest of the black icing and set these aside to harden slightly when I had cut out enough I started attaching them to two sides of the cake where the bat man logo was I then cut out small squares to resemble the windows on the buildings and attached these randomly to each building until I got the desired effect I wanted.
Now I had to do the web on the Spiderman, I coloured some royal icing in black and filled my piping bag with a writing nozzle attached and piped around the Spiderman first and the filled him in with the web and then piped a spider on his body, I then starting from the one corner piped a web to the rest of the cake sides I hadn’t decorated and added a few spiders, then I made some eyes for him out of a little white sugar paste and stuck these on using a little icing. I then change to a star tip and piped a line across the centre of the cake to divide the design in the rest of the black icing.
Finally I attaches a number 5 to the board and spelt out happy birthday in yellow and red icing using letter cutters the cake was now finished
I’m sure they will love it

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