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Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

by Amanda
(New Zealand)

This was the first decorated cake I've done :)

My little sister loves fairy tales and so for her 7th birthday in 2010 I thought I'd make her a castle cake. I vaguely followed the Australian Woman's Weekly Castle Cake although used a different cake recipe and made lots of little changes.

Firstly I made a standard simple and easy butter-cake which was flavored raspberry and was tinted pink. Then I cut a jam roll into 4 bits and used that to be a base on top of the butter-cake for the 'turrets' (ice-cream cones). Then I added 4 ice cream cones and stuck them in with skewers.

Pretty much all the castle cakes I'd checked out had a turret at each corner and I had three in corners and then one in the middle and made a door on the middle turret (not viewable from picture).

The icing was the hardest part of this cake as I made a marshmallow fluffy frosting which took a bit of time and had a very sticky consistency and was a bit difficult to apply (it was very tasty however). I also had to tint the icing pink as that's the birthday girl's favorite color. Be careful when adding the food coloring and make sure it is thoroughly stirred in before deciding to add more.

The fun part was adding the lollies to the cake. I just had a bit of fun putting on lollies and making patterns with the pebbles and heart jellies. The flags for the turrets were just made by cutting off the colored part/sugar bit of a liquorice all sort. Buy more liquorice all sorts than you need and they can sometimes be a bit tricky to cut.

The candles for this cake were the big and thin 'sparkler-eske' ones which are glittery and suited the cake really well.

My sister loved the cake, although the most popular part of the cake was definitely the turrets which no children could actually finish as they were basically pure icing, lollies and and an ice-cream cone.

This cake is pretty easy to make and doesn't require too much time or assembly and was pretty fun to make. The thick marshmallow icing was great as it completely covered the crumbs from the cake and the jam roll.

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very cute!
by: Anonymous

well done!

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