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Homemade Castle Birthday Cake

by Donna
(Galapagos Islands)

Chocolate Castle Cake

Chocolate Castle Cake

For my son's 5th birthday we had a Knights of the Round Table Party. This was a good theme for the boys and girls. All the guests came dressed as a knight or princess. The cake was a big hit with all the guests.

This is how I made the cake:

Icing: 10 cups of powered sugar, butter, cream, melted chocolate, and coco powder. I think about 4 to 5 tubs of ready made icing should be about right.

2 9x13 cakes for the base.

2 round cakes for the center tower

7 ice cream cones for the tower roof tops. I dipped the ice cream cones in chocolate and rolled them in coconut.

12 cup cakes for the for the corner towers covered with wafer cookies. I suggest using ice cream cones for the base of the corner towers. We live in the Galapagos Islands and the stores here do not sell ice cream cones. I had to get mine from a restaurant and I did not have enough to make the base of the towers from cones, so I used cup cakes.

7 wooden kebob skewers. These are used in each cone tower roof top for support and as a flag pole.

7 paper flags. I used red construction paper.

I used wafer cookies to make the draw bridge and doors.

My son help put the m&ms on as the final decoration.

I found a knight topper and we placed 5 curly candles on the cake. The curly candles were a nice addition to the castle. The looked like banner poles you might find on a castle.

I covered a large cutting board with foil for the cake plate/moat and I stuck gummie sharks with a small dot of icing in the moat. The children also really enjoyed that additional touch.

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