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Homemade Construction Cake

by Casey
(Rochester, MA)

Here it is!

Here it is!

Here it is!
I guess it was yummy!
He ate every last bite!

For my son's first birthday I decided I really wanted to make and decorate his cake myself. I am not a professional by any means, but after scrolling through many of the pictures on this site I felt very inspired. I decided to go with a construction theme (since he has so many construction related toys anyway. My biggest mistake was waiting until just hours before the party to do all the decorating. But it was completely worth it to watch my son's eyes light up and then demolish a whole slice in about 3 bites!
The night before the party I made one Funfetti cake and set it aside to use as "practice/extra layers". I also decided to make some Oreo truffle "boulders". REALLY easy and delicious recipe: 6oz cream cheese mixed with crunched up Oreos, roll into balls, cool on a wax paper covered cookie sheet for about 30 mins, and then dip into some melted chocolate...voila! For the cake, I stuck two 9x13 Funfetti cakes together and frosted one half with vanilla and the other with chocolate. I made the "sand" with just some crunched up graham crackers and for the grass texture I just poked at the frosting a bit with a fork (I told you I'm no professional). I surrounded the "Happy Birthday" site with just some traffic cone pictures I printed off the internet and then stuck to lollipop sticks. I added a black icing road, which I lined with some milk dud "rocks" and then used a piece from my extra cake to make a dirt pile hill. I crumbled my leftover Oreos on top and added some of the truffle boulders. I also arranged a handful of Whoppers to make another small rock pile. I finished it off with some of my son's construction toys and a few more street signs I actually got from a construction table cloth that was too big for my table.
Everyone LOVED it and said it looked professionally done. Some even offered to pay me to do their children's cakes :P The Oreo truffles turned out to be a great touch for those who didn't want cake. And if I can do, believe me, YOU can do it! :)

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