This was my first time making a cake. I was having a crayon theme but my daughter also loved Elmo so I just had some ‘touches’ of him in the party. The actual cake was confetti type and then i also added drops of food coloring and swirled it with a toothpick so the inside would be extra colorful. I bought white fondant and then bought icing color and just colored the fondant the day of. Each tier of the cake was two layers and I buttercreamed each layer. The bottom layer I put the yellow fondant and then for the letters I put colored chocolate in a ziploc baggy and then put the baggy in hot water to melt.I had my sister draw the letters for my daughters name and they were backwards. I put the pic of the letters on a cookie sheet and then put a piece of waxed paper over. I filled in the pic of the letters with the melted chocolate. Then I broke a bunch of toothpicks in half and had them stick out of the chocolate. I put them in the fridge. After a few minutes i peeled them off and then they weren’t backwards anymore and the side that everyone will see was nice and flat and i just stuck them into the side of the cake. For the top layer I put the blue fondant and just held the ABC ans the 123, which are just sugar candies, with frosting. The crayons are candles and the characters are held down with frosting too. I bought icing to do the piping and you can just use the baggy it came in and put whatever top on it to do the piping. I couldn’t get the hang of it but most people didn’t notice. It took a few hours because I had to color the fondant. You can buy fondant in the desired colors, I just didn’t have any luck. GOOD LUCK