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Homemade Daisy cake

by Linda

This cake was made for one of my best friends, I only had a days notice because I didn’t realise she was 40 this year, this is the cake I made her
I started by making an 8” sponge cake I left this to cool while this was cooling I made a flower, I used some flower paste and coloured it orange and kneaded this well then rolled it out and cut out some different sized flowers with my sunflower cutters I then placed them into some different shaped moulds to make them dry slightly raised when these were dry I dusted them with some shimmer dust. And attached them together with a little icing this was then set aside until the cake was done.
The cake is now completely cooled, I then spread the one side of the cake with jam and the other with butter cream icing which I made earlier, I then sandwiched the two pieces of cake together and covered the whole cake with butter cream icing and placed in the fridge to chill for about 40 mins. this helps the icing to stick to the cake better.
When the cake was chilled I kneaded the icing well and rolled it out big enough to cover the whole cake I placed it centre on the cake and smoothed it over the cake with a smoother tool I have, to make sure it’s all flat on the top and then I smoothed down the sides cutting off any excess icing I didn’t need.
I pipe iced a pattern around the bottom of the cake and around the top edge of the cake, and placed the flower I made earlier onto the cake sticking down with a little white icing. Then I mixed some orange icing to pipe a message onto the cake and to pipe a pattern around the bottom edge of the cake. I then mixed some green icing and with a different piping bag I pipe iced the leaves around the flower
To finish off the roll out icing in orange I had left over from the flower, I rolled it out again and cut out enough small flowers to go around the top edge of the cake, then rolled out the remnants of the icing to cut out some larger flowers for the sides of the cake. These were all placed onto the cake with a little icing to make them stick to the cake.
I loved the end result, my friend loves cakes so I hope she enjoys this one

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