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Homemade Digger Digging in a Dump Truck Cake

by Auvita
(Blacktown, NSW, Australia)

My now two year old son is somewhat obsessed with diggers. After looking at some digger cake ideas I didn't really feel up to the task of making an actual digger. I thought that I would just put a toy digger on top but it seemed a bit plain. I talked to my husband about it and he came up with the great idea (he always says he has no imagination- I beg to differ) of having the digger digging up actual cake and putting milo (yummy chocolate drink powder for those friends not from Australia) in piles around it and making the name of our son with it. I then thought that I would make a chocolate (dirt) cake with green coconut icing to look like grass.

The chocolate cake was easy enough to make and the green icing with dessicated coconut (made with lemon juice to give it extra flavour)was a breeze. Once I iced the cake I dug a hole in the icing down to the cake with a fork, just pushing the icing and cake to one side, and lined up the toy digger. Sprinkling the milo on in the right places was a bit tricky as I didn't have anything custom made for gently sprinkling powder. I first used a small cup with a spout but it came out too quickly to make letters so I made them into mounds of dirt. Finally I decided to use the wide end of one of those medicine syringes you use to give children panadol to make the letters and after a bit of practise got what I wanted. It turned out pretty much how I envisiged!!! YAY!!!

When it came to cake time at the party, my husband helped me to put it into the big dump truck that we had bought Eli and wheeled it out on the ground. Eli was excited and once he blew the candles out he tried to get the little digger on top to dig up some more "dirt". The cake was a little crumbly but everyone said it was good and all that was left in the back of the truck was crumbly "dirt".

All in all it was relativly easy, effectve and well receieved, so I say; a success!!!

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