My sweet 6 year old had read every Fancy Nancy book she could get her hands on.  She loved the fancy words Nancy used and the fancy activities Nancy taught us.  She wanted nothing less than a “fancy” cake.  So, I priced out costume cakes and almost fainted!  I decided to make my own.

I made 3 store bought strawberry cakes (4 9”rounds and 3 6” rounds).  Ashton wanted strawberry (red) because Fancy Nancy’s hair was red.  Logical!

  1. I iced the cake with homemade buttercream icing so the fondant would stick.  This was my first time ever to play with fondant.
  2. I bought white premade fondant and tented some pink, half purple, a little yellow and I left a little white. Tenting it all one even color was difficult and required tons of kneading.  Rolling it out was tricky!  Getting an even level required a tool I borrowed from a friend (rings that go on the end of a rolling pin).
  3. With the help of a friend we covered each layer with fondant.  We ripped the purple and had to reroll.  Ugh!  Oh well!  It turned out GREAT!
  4. I made a crown out of plain white fondant.  I cut the shape and wrapped it around an empty plastic cylinder to dry and form a crown shape.
  5. Adding embellishments was the quickest way to pull the whole thing together. I added sunglasses, diamonds and a bow all made from fondant.  I added a feather, butterflies on wire, and a necklace.

Ashton’s reaction was amazing.  She loved it!  The kids at the party thought it was super cool!  My friends couldn’t get over it.  I had to share.