I made this cake for my fancy daughter’s 6th birthday, a Fancy Nancy party. I used a 12-inch round pan for the bottom tier (this one a single layer yellow cake), an 8-inch pan for the middle tier (2 layer cake “confetti” flavor cake) and a 4-inch diameter top tier (chocolate cake). The guests seemed to really appreciate having a choice of flavor. I iced each tier separately with a thin layer of icing to catch the crumbs, placed the layers in the fridge and then touched up the icing with another layer in the same color. I added the spirals on the bottom tier and polka dots and swirly lines using icing piped on from a Ziploc bag with the tip cut off. I used a “star” tip to add the decorative icing around the bottom of each tier.

To add the tiers together, I first placed the 12-inch cake on the cake stand, then the 8-inch. I then added three 8-inch long bamboo skewers in the center of the cake. I then added the top tier. The skewers where the perfect length, but could also be cut down if needed. You would probably want to check the height and cut them down to length before adding them to the cake.

The final decorative touches came from the Christmas section at a local craft store. During the big Thanksgiving sales I bought picks used for wreaths to decorate for the party. There were large glittered feathers, fuchsia spirals and sliver glitter butterflies. I cut the stems of the picks to a shorter length (approx. 2 inches) and the wrapped the stems in plastic wrap so that glitter wouldn’t get into the cake.

The cake was fancy enough for my daughter (who can’t get enough “fanciness”) and a big hit with the guests. It also made a great centerpiece for the party.