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Homemade Horseland Cake

by Shannon Moody
(Staley, NC- USA)

First of all, I'd like to say that I am NOT a professional by any stretch of the word. I have never taken a class, I just enjoy trying to create cakes. My children and grandchildren inspire my creations. I also love to watch CAKE BOSS, I've learned so much from that show, but I haven't yet gotten to building things with rice crispy treats yet. Then I like to look at the cakes online to get ideas from other people. Then I draw out kind of what I want to create and start playing. My granddaughter this cake was made for is always so specific, it makes me go further than I ever thought I could. This is my first 3 dimensional cake.
I started with a 2 cake mix sheet cake and a 1 cake mix round 2 layer cake. I cut the round cake in half and put the flat side down behind the sheet cake. Then carved out shapes of mountain tops in the curved parts and pieced them together. I then took wooden skewers and put them through the mountain pieces into the sheet cake to ensure that it wouldn't fall apart when moving and transporting to my grand-daughters house. Then I added one more piece at the bottom left corner to add to the shape of the area for the horses. I think the horses should've been a little smaller, but my Granddaughter had her mom buy the horses she wanted on her cake. Then I iced the dirt area with tan icing and then made a color for the mountains. The icing for the mountains, I made a little thinner so it would spread easier, but not too thin. I make my own icing as well with a 2 lb. bag of powdered sugar, 1 stick butter, 1 c. Crisco shortening, 2 tsp. vanilla flavoring and milk to consistency, and then added cake coloring paste for color. I then took the end of the knife I got out the green brown and black icing with and scraped lightly down the mountains to add character. Then made some of my plain white icing pretty thin, (almost the consistency of cake mix) and spooned the snow on the mountain tops and helped it a little to fall the way I wanted it to. Then I done the grass, which I found to be my hardest task and added the Happy Birthday part and the horses and the fence made of pretzel squares. Hope you like it.

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