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Homemade Jack Skellington Cupcakes

by Kristen T.
(Bonner Springs, KS)

Large Muffin Tins
Large Cupcake papers
White Cake Batter-prepare to your liking
Homemade Cream Cheese Icing (8oz Cream Cheese/.5 cup powdered sugar/tsp vanilla)
Black Icing
10 Oreo Cookies—center cream removed and ground finely in food processor
Cup Cake Stand
Black and White Candles

I baked the six large cupcakes using a white cake batter.

While the cupcakes where baking I prepared the frosting.
I mixed the three ingredients together and then mixed with a blender until it became a frosting consistency. Once the frosting was prepared I placed in fridge to firm up.

Next I scraped the cream out of the oreo cookies and placed in a food processor and made them very fine.

When the cupcakes were completely cooled I frosted them and dipped three of the cupcake tops in the oreo crumbs. I then placed in the refrigerator to allow frosting to firm again. I didn’t want any runny cupcakes.
Once firm I then made the faces for Jack using the black icing and a cake decorating tube. To get my eyes for Jack smooth, I dipped my finger in a little bit of water and dabbed at the eyes. This smoothed the eyes out and gave it a clean look. I found that the black icing ran a little the next day. I had to do some touch ups on the faces.—This picture was taken the next day. I am not sure what I could have done to stop that. But they still looked really good.

I then started to assemble the cup cake stand.
I handmade the bats that are on Jack’s suit and taped them to the cupcake papers. I then cut out black circles and sat the cupcakes on top of them to give it a little more character.
I found really cute black and white candles. My child loved it!

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