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Homemade Key Board Birthday Cake

by Cindy Gilbert
(Sebring, Florida USA)

Front of Key board

Front of Key board

Front of Key board
Side view

I need to make a birthday cake for a very musical man that loved chocolate. He played the key board at church, so that was his favorite instrument and my challenge to make. I used triple chocolate chunk cake mix (two boxes), followed directions on box, baked in rectangle pans, let cool in pan and remove onto a foil wrapped board. I placed cakes in freezer to set (makes frosting easier). I then started on making the chocolate pieces (keys and decorations. I didn't have a mold for the keys so I had to make my own. White Keys: I formed a piece of foil to the size I needed for the white keys, it was one piece, set in freezer, when hardened I carved the lines to show keys. Black Keys: again no form so I made my own using foil, they are shorter then the white keys and fewer, use your eyes and pictures to make the forms, each key separately made. When hardened I removed from the form. Decorations: I used a Wilton candy mold with music notes and swirls, white candy melts. Putting the cake together: remove from freezer, crumb coat with chocolate, fudge chocolate in between the layers, frost entire cake with chocolate frosting, let set and smooth the frost the best you can using a piece of wax paper. Looking at a key board picture carve the placement for the keys, before placing the keys frost the part you just cut. If you need to make the white keys small in length carefully cut one off. I let extra white chocolate to be put under the edge of the cake to hold it in place, place black keys on the white keys by following the picture, be sure to put the extra length under the cake, use a small amount of white frosting to glue the black keys on. The key board I used as a guide had black, red and green switches on it, so I used candy melts to match. I used the key board as a guide to place the switches, speaker lines. I used the swirls and music notes to decorate the sides of it. He truly enjoyed and was very surprised at. It was fulled with chocolate. It was hard working with so much chocolate but worth every moment.

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