I made this laptop cake for my husband’s 30th birthday. He is an IT manager for a credit union and this was the perfect idea for a cake. I used just a regular chocolate cake mix, it was Dunkin Hines or Betty Crocker. I made it in a large cookie sheet that had about 1/2in of a ledge on it.

I made the cake according to the directions on the box. I then cut out the cake to make a perfect square. I saved the left overs to make the mouse. For the bottom half of the laptop I used a stiff Crisco icing. To make the cake have a more metal look to it I took a cake icing spatula and put it in hot tap water and smoothed it out. The hot water makes the icing kinda melt. Be sure not to make the cake to wet. Just enough water to make it smoothed out.

I then made sure to put enough icing on the back to support the board, but did not need to smooth it like the rest of the cake. For the back portion of the cake I used a piece of black foam poster board that I purchased at Staples. They have the exact size that you need without having to cut it. It was about 13 or so inches wide.

Before I attached it I wrote on the board (WWW.MIKEIS30.COM) also in the Crisco icing. I made sure that the icing was still wet and pushed it up against the cake. It was really sturdy. I then rolled out black fondant icing and cut out all the keys for the keyboard with 5/8in square fondant cut out that I purchased at Michaels Crafts. I then placed each key on the bottom half of the cake exactly how it is on a real laptop. I printed off a copy of a laptop so that I could get all of the keys in the right place.

For the mouse I traced our actual mouse and made a template out of it. I laid it on the left over piece of cake and cut out the basic shape. Once it was cut out I then took a sharp knife and began to shave some of the sides and top off making it into a more rounded “mouse like” shape. I covered it with the Crisco icing also and then rolled out more fondant icing to cover the mouse and make it more smooth. I decorated it with white and grey Crisco icing. I made the cord with rolled fondant icing.

I finished off all of the other trimming with the Crisco icing also. I made sure to write all of the letters on all of the keys, except were it was to small to do so.

The cake was a big hit and everyone loved it so much that no one ate it. They all ate the cupcakes that went with it! I hope this helps.