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Homemade Littlest Pet Shop Waterfall Birthday Cake

I made this cake at the very last minute (long story) for eldest daughters' 7th birthday. I made it in 45 minutes flat, including cooking time (which is why it was a little "melty") - so I am sure it would look really awesome if you made it the night before as I typically do.

First I baked the base cake - I used marble cake. I would recommend pound cake for the top part since it is more "solid". I then took a 2nd cake - this one was rectangular and I cut it into two pieces - one piece a bit larger than the other. I layered buttercream frosting on the back of the bottom cake (to use as adhesive) and then place the other pieces on top of that - creating "stairs".

I took a length of fondant, rolled it out and cut a waterfall shape out of that - long and then wider and more round at one end. I then draped the fondant down the cake (that is the waterfall part). Again, there was a layer of buttercream under that to stick it to the cakes surface. I then iced the remainder of the cake in green frosting (buttercream with green food coloring). I took clear piping gel (dyed it blue with food coloring) and globbed it over the fondant - creating the water.

The rocks were made out of brown and black coloring added to balls of fandant. I twisted the fondant as I worked the color in to create natural waves and ripples in the rocks. The trees were made out of Gum paste dyed green also and hand rolled into a cone shape (tapering up at the top like a pine tree). I then pinched parts all around to look like leaves.

After that I stuck some Littlest Pet Shop toys on it and voila! A 45 minute cake. :)

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