My niece Miranda decided to have a Luau themed Birthday Party. She asked me to design her cake. She said it had to be big and it had to be chocolate and vanilla. She said it had to have real looking water and sand, a hula girl, and tiki men. I used 2 9 inch rounds of vanilla cake for bottom and 2-8inch rounds of chocolate for the top. For the Bottom layer I did a vanilla crumb coat and refrigerated it then went back over with blue icing. I used lightly tinted piping gel also blue for the top. I used a seashell chocolate mold with white sprinkled chocolate melts and yellow chocolate melts for the shells. I piped green seaweed with Wilton decorating icing. I put the bottom layer on a blue plate for an extra water effect and added some “sand”. For the top layer I did the crumb coat and then covered it with Wilton buttercup yellow dyed icing. I used a spatula to apply icing to both layers. I then topped it with “sand”. For the sand I used light brown sugar mixed with yellow sprinkles and cake crumbs. I then melted orange, yellow and dark brown chocolate melts in a tiki man ice cube tray that I found at a dollar store. I used palm tree suckers and drink umbrellas to decorate the top. I then made cupcakes. I used one cupcake for the hula girl on top. I used Wilton white icing for the top and green with a small round tip for the skirt. I even added a lei and arm bands on the cupcake doll. For the other 11 cupcakes I used leftover blue and green icing to create water and islands to surround the cake. It was a big hit.