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Homemade Motocross Cake

by Heather S.
(Lakemoor, Illinois)

I made this cake for a seven year old boy Bryant. I was told he liked dirt bikes and four wheelers. After doing simple research on motocross I was able to put some ideas together. I used a 12x18x2 in cake pan lining the bittom with wax paper. I ended up using three boxes of yellow cake mix. Cooking time took way longer then thought but be patient it worked. After the cake cooled I had my boyfriend help ne transfer it to cardboard made for cakes. For the frosting I used a thin kayer a vanilla on all sides and the top. While it was setting I took oreo cookies and lined all sides of the cake with them. After that I uses my food processer and ground up oreo cookies for a layer of black dirt. Once that was done for the sand on the track all I used was ground up ghram crackers, I outlined my track with it. For the bumps on the tracks I used twix candy bars the small ones and for the ramps I cut nutter butters in small squares to get a good peak. I tried the ghram crackers first but they were too thick. For caution cones I simply used orange spice drops. I did use grey colored m&m's for the rocky look and placed chocolate flavored marshmallows around corners for a bumper look. I bought two hotwheels dirtbike riders and a four wheeler and placed them around the track. For the sighns I did print logos and used frosting to hold them in to the lollipop sticks I used. For the happy birthday I bought sugar candies and used frosting to glue to the oreos around the cake. Rhe mother of the boy I made this for was extremely excited and I'm still waiting for a picture of him when ge saw the cake.
This is a very easy cake to make I would do it again a million times more. What started out as something small, fun, and silly that I do for the children I have has endes up bringing smiles of joy and happiness to other children. That is the point of it all is to have fun, be silly and to make the little ones smile.

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by: Farrah Lopeman

Sis you did an awesome job on this cake! Can't wait to see more pictures of other cakes you do!

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