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Homemade Off Roading Birthday Cake

by Rebecca
(Grants Pass, Oregon)

Picture of off road cake from top

Picture of off road cake from top

Picture of off road cake from top
Up close shot of toy on Peperoni log

Almost every year, I've made my kid's birthday cakes. The year before last had been a baseball cake, this past year (his 5th) I did an off-roading cake. It was a Huge hit by all family. He always talks of going off-roading with his daddy and his love of Jeeps.So that was what cooked up the inspiration.

I used two cake mixes both had been boxed white cake mixes from any store. Along with the cake mixes had come a list of items I purchased before even starting the baking.

1. Hot wheels/ Off road truck
2. Lemon Filling
3. Two big containers of white frosting(or 4 small containers of frosting will work).
4. 2 packages of pretzels and peperoni sticks
5. 1 tub of Chocolate candy rocks
6. 1 package of coconut flakes
7. Food coloring
8. birthday candles

**make sure you have all ingredients for cake mix also.

Bake cakes in rectangle pans 1/2 sheet cakes if possible,
bake until golden brown. Pull out of oven and let cool.
Upon cooling, remove from pans and place on desired cake board. Remove uneven or rough edges. open tub of Lemon filling (or your desired filling), place filling between the two cakes. After placing your 2nd cake ontop first and over filling. Make sure cake is aligned and not off center.

Then take and open Frosting conainers. Get 4 mixing containers and divide the frosting among the bowls. Choose your desired colors for frostings on the cake. I made brown food coloring for dirt. Blue for water and green for grass.

Upon completing the icing, and puting icing in desired area's on cake and filling in any spaces that needed covered.

place mixing containers in warm water to make clean up easier.


Open coconut flakes and place in bowl, with green food coloring ( drops of coloring depends on shade of green your wanting for grass). Use spoon or fork to stir food coloring around into coconut flakes.

Either use gloves or bare hands, either way prepare for a mess.

Sprinkle green coconut flakes around cake in the green areas.

Then: Take your pretzles and peperoni ( your choice to use peperoni). I Used both for the logs, I believe..but it works either way.

Take and remove top to your rock candy and place along waters edge and round the road and a few through out the grassy area.

Almost done:

Take out your new hot wheel or prefered off-road toy and place ontop of a log or on rocks, to make it look like the real deal.

Then take your candle(s) and place them upon the cake. Then your done.

In the end you should have very little left over cake batter, if any, rock candies will be left over and will be good to just sit out in a bowl for anyone at party to munch on. Frosting can either be thrown away or frozen. As for coconut the toss or eat rule applies. Other than that just the clean up. Then its on to relax and watch everyone marvel over your newest homemade creation. Best of luck and happy cooking ! :)

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