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Homemade Pirate Ship Birthday Cake

by Jen P
(Lakeville, MN)

For my daughter's 3rd Birthday, I decided to make her a pirate ship cake since she is really into Jake and the Neverland Pirates on the Disney Channel. I used some photos of other pirate cakes from this site for inspiration.

I made a single 9x13 cake to use for the "ocean" and made the ship out of one round cake cut in half. I made the ocean first and frosted with blue frosting. For the ship itself, I made 1 round cake, cut it in half and frosted it together. I decided to use chocolate frosting for the ship to make decorating easier; it really hid the inconsistencies in my frosting. After I frosted the two halves together, I froze it overnight.

The next day, I cut the bottom of the boat flat so I could adhere it with frosting to the ocean part of the cake and cut a square out of the top in the middle to make it look more like a real ship. I frosted most of it with chocolate frosting before I attached it to the ocean part of the cake. Once the two cakes were together, I used a lot of candy to finish off the ship to make it look more realistic. I used chocolate dipped pretzels for the railing of the ship, mini Reese peanut butter cups for the port holes on the sides and I piped white frosting on to a thin mint cookie to make it look like a steering wheel for the ship. I then frosted two Reisen candies together and attached the wheel to the Reisen. I added a few Swedish fish in the ocean and a candied skull and cross bones on the bow of the ship along with two plastic pirates. I finished it off with lollipop sticks with paper sails.

She absolutely adored the cake and it was way easier than I thought it was going to be. The most fun was decorating with all of the candy! If you try to make a cake similar to this one, be sure to leave it in the refrigerator until the last minute, as the ship will eventually start to crack in the middle.

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