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Homemade Princess Castle Cake

by Rachel
(Smith Grove, KY)

Made this for my grandaughter 3rd birthday. I got my ideal from this site. I started with(2)10 inch square cake pans for the bottom use 3 white cake mixes. For the top I use (2) 6 inch round pans made it choclate. I use a blackboard with a piece of cardboard over the blackboard than covered with aluminum foil. I used someone suggested on this site I use a round cardboard between the round an square cake with a dowel rod through the center to hold everthing together the cake had to travel about twenty mile held up well.

I made 2 batches of Icing I use 1 Cup Crisco, 1/2 cup Milk, little almond an Butter flavoring almost 2 ld. Powdered Sugar. I save a little white to use around the window an door colored the rest Pink.

I did a crumb coat while that was drying make the towers use 5 cake icecream cone an 5 Waffer cone cut just the bottom off the cake cone cut a hole in top of Waffle cone use a pastry brush thin down the icing brushed it on end of cake cone put the Waffer cone over the cut part brush icing on all of it rolled an sprinkled the pink Sparkling Sugar covered all sit aside. I use pink Wafers cookies for the windows an door split them. when around the door an window with white icing let dry. Icied the cake put the cone on pipe around the window an door with white icing, use drop of white icing on bottom of marshmallow on top I pick out the pink Sixlet use that on top put a row of marshmallow around the castle use sprinke on top the drawbridge are pirouline cookies with more marshamallow lining the drawbridge. printed out Happy Birthday an cut them leaving an end to fold over the stick I got at Kroger look like a long toothpick use icing to hold together.
The grass is Coconut put in a zip lock bag add food coloring shake I took a picture put it back in the bag an added it once we got there.

Princess Brilee was very pleased with her cake.

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