This tinkerbell Teapot Cake was made for a 4 year old girl who LOVES faries. The cakes are a 12″ and 10″ round stacked on each other frosted and filled with buttercream colored green. I used Leaf and Moss green to make the frosting look somewhat marbled to give it interest. The tea pot is made of Rice Crispy treats. This was easier than i thought it would be. First I made a sphere using my wilton ball pan as a guide, be sure to use LOTS of no stick spray since working with rice crispy treats is STICKY stuff. I smooshed the treats while still very warm into each side of the pan to get the sides rounded, then i took one half out of its pan and smooshed it into the other half. by this time the treats were beginning to cool and it was easy to hand mold a round shape. I then set it in one of the halves of the ball pan to finish cooling. Then i molded the handle and spout and awnings out of the treats. I just hand molded them like clay. I let everything cool overnight in my microwave, to keep them from getting too dry. The next am I took toothpicks and used them to stick the handle, spout and awnings on the ball. Then i covered the whole thing in almond bark to really glue it together. THEN i covered it all on white fondant. I used chocolate fondant for the front door, and green fondant for the leaves. I used a leaf cut out to get the shape, then a fork to make the veins on the leaves. I used star tips to create the look on the awning as well as all the flowers you see. I also used some icing transfers I got at the store. After finishing the Tea pot, I frosted and assemble the main cake put the tea pot on top. Then I added the detail work, using star tips for the flowers and candy melts for the walkways. It took me about 2 1/2 hours of decorating time. It took about 1hr to make the tea pot, 1hr to cover it in almond bark and fondant.