Here is a topsy-turvy cake that I made for my daughter’s 4th birthday with no directions. Two chocolate cake mixes, two cans of frosting, and one tube decorators icing. (definatly could have used one more icing for finishing the piping on the bottom layer, and for writing her name, etc.) I made the cake mixes separatly so as not to run out in the end, and to make sure I mixed them properly.

I used two 9in. layer cake pans for the bottom, one round corningware 1.5qt casserole for the middle, and a large coffee cup for the top(you could very well substitute a larger sized soup can). There will be left over batter. I made a couple of mini cakes in ramekins with the left overs. Be sure to spray everything with cooking spray or shortening and lightly coat with flour or they won’t come out smoothly and might break! Fill all containers half way with batter.

There are directions on the box for baking in the 9in. round cake pans; but I had to improvise for the rest. I placed the batter filled (half way*) casserole, coffee cup, and two ramekins on a baking sheet and placed them all in the oven together, with the ‘casserole’ cake closest to the heat (I have a gas stove) so as not to burn the smaller cakes and to cook the ‘casserole’ cake faster… at 350* for about 45 min. or until skewer or toothpick pierced in the middle comes out clean. Carefully remove from containers and let cool AT LEAST 20min.

Frost the bottom ‘layer’ cake putting a thin amount of frosting in between the layers, and also on the top. Just enough to keep it together. too much and they’ll slide around on eachother. Set aside.

When the ‘casserole’ and ‘coffee cup’ cakes are cool, use a fillet knife to carefully slice diagonally through the ‘coffee cup’ cake about 1/3rd off the bottom, and a slight diagonal sliver off of the top of the casserole cake. Just enough to make it look like it WASN’T an accident..

Place ‘casserole cake’ on top of the ‘layer cake’ close to the edge with the tallest point facing inward. Shortest edge close to the edge of the layered cake. Frost. With the ‘coffee cup’ cake, place the tallest point facing outward, shortest edge facing inward. Frost. Decorate. Serve!!

**tips: #1 TAKE YOUR TIME! #2 If the layers feel unstable or like they are going to slide off of eachother; push a wooden shish-ka-bob skewer down into the center making sure to get all three cakes in one shot! You might need to snip the end with kitchen shears first! #3 Be careful, creative and have FUN!

Also, I decided that I am going to have to take a class on frosting cakes, although I WAS rushed for time with this cake, messy frosting being the result! :(