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Homemade Unicorn Cake

by Georgina

For one of my friends’ birthdays I decided I'd make her a Unicorn cake; to make it a more magical day! I got the idea from looking on the internet at fantastic cakes but never saw a simplified 3D unicorn cake so I tried to create one myself.

First I got a rectangle baking tray to make the body and a deep, small ceramic bowl for the head. I made some cake mix, separated it and added different food colourings to each one. This was to give the cake a rainbow effect. I then spooned the different coloured cake mixtures into the tray and bowl in different orders so the rainbow effect was carried through the cake.

Leave the cakes to cool. Then to decorate I made some frosting by whipping together icing sugar, a egg white, golden syrup and cream of tartar. I then covered the body with the frosting and used the frosting to act as glue for the head. To frost it I used a rounded knife so the frosting could be flattened out. Once all cake is frosted, I used pink smarties as eyes and sprinkled some glitter sugar over it to make it sparkly and more magical. For the horn I used an ice cream cone and covered it in pink frosting and then sprinkled some more glitter sugar onto it.

Once this frosting has set, I made some more, separated it in different bowls as with the cake mixture and added different food colourings. I put all the frosting into an icing gun altering the colours used to give it a marbled effect! I then piped it down to make the mane and tail by using the icing gun.

When I gave it to her she loved it! People from school even started taking photos of it!

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