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HomemadeTwins First Birthday Polka Dot Cake

by Audra Crizer
(Salt Lake City, UT )

Finished product

Finished product

Finished product
The pudding filling

My best friend has twin girls who just turned a year old. I told her that I would love to make their birthday cake. She loves to dress Ivy in pink and Eve in purple so I knew that those were the colors I had to have on the cake. I decided I would go with a polka dot theme because my friend absolutely loves polka dots.

I started with two boxes of white cake mix and cooked them according to directions (I made 2 9x13 pans and made two cup cakes out of the batter). After the cakes and cupcakes had cooled over night I trimmed up the tops of the cakes with a serrated bread knife. Then I made one package of vanilla instant pudding and divided it in to two parts. One part I dyed pink (as pink as yellow pudding could get) and the other part I dyed purple. After the pudding had set, I spread the pink pudding in a stripe the length of the cake and then purple then pink then purple. Then I laid the other cake cut side down, on top of the pudding layer. (**I should have used two packages of pudding because the filling wasn't as rich as I had hoped) Then I made my own buttercream frosting. This was NOT successful in my opinion but it still tasted good. I had made it too runny and the cupcakes weren't frosted as I had planned. I frosted the cake with the frosting (I didn't dye the frosting) and then took a little frosting and separated it in two bowls and dyed one pink and the other purple and frosted the cupcakes. **The cupcakes were for the birthday girls to devour all by themselves**

Then I took a box of Wilton white fondant and cut it in half. I added clear vanilla to each half for flavor. One half I dyed pink and the other half I dyed purple. I worked the dye in to each half until it was completely combined and it didn't have that tye-dyed look to it. Then I rolled the colored fondant on a surface dusted with powdered sugar (so it wouldn't stick) until it was about 1/4" thick, and made it wide enough and long enough to cover half of the cake (with a lot of layover so I could trim it). Before I laid it over the half of the cake I cut out dots with a small medicine cup all over the fondant. Then I laid the fondant over half the cake. I repeated the process for the other colored fondant. Once both pieces were laid on the cake and I had trimmed around the bottom I took the dots I have cut out earlier and put them in the holes of the contrasting color. The holes in the main fondant had stretched when I laid it over the cake so I had to modify the dots a bit but it wasn't too difficult. If I were to do it differently I would have just made it more 3-D and put the polka dots directly on the fondant. I also took an extra dot in each color and put it on top of the cupcake of contrasting color.

The cake was oooh'd and ahhh'd over at the twins party and everyone said it was very delicious, even people who said they didn't like the taste of fondant.

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This cake was amazing!!
by: Brieanna

My daughters are the babies she made the cake for and it was not only beautiful but delicious!!! I am oh so lucky to have such an amazingly talented bestie! I love you so much Audra you made their big day just that much more special KISSES!!!

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