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Coolest Horse Birthday Cake 58

by Jennifer B.
(Cary, NC)

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake

I took all my inspiration for this Horse Birthday Cake from the cakes on this website! My daughter was turning 8 and had asked for a horse cake for her birthday party.

I started with a 9x13 sheet cake that had been put in the freezer for a couple of hours, and cut a triangle out to form the jaw and bottom part of the neck of the horse. The triangle became the horse's ear. I shaped the rest of the cake to make the head and top of the neck.

I frosted the cake with chocolate buttercream icing. Then I used black licorice and gummy life-savers for the bridle and reins, and a jelly belly for the nose. The eye is white icing for the base and a junior mint on top. I piped a small amount of icing onto the junior mint for the eye detail. I used white icing for the mane and forelock.

To give the horse a bit of personality, I drew on a smile with black icing. This turned out so much better than I imagined, and my daughter absolutely loved it!

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Coolest Horse Birthday Cake 80

by Heather

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a Horse party for her 7th birthday. After searching for weeks for ideas or decor and coming up empty handed I decided that I would have to be creative and make my own Horse Birthday Cake.

I made a regular cake and wanted to turn it into a field. Everything but the horse is edible. I made a the hay bales out of rice crispy treats. the grass is green frosting applied using a star tip. The pond is blue icing that I smoothed on with a butter knife. I found some flower sprinkles at a party supply store that I used for the lilly pads (there is 7 for her age) and then I used them to spell out her name.

She really enjoyed the fact that her cake was different and I enjoyed the fact it wasn't too complicated to make!

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Coolest Horse Birthday Cake 62

by Wendi L.
(Durham, NC)

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake

For this Horse Birthday Cake, I made a double butter yellow cake mix. I used a large 9x11 cake pan, froze the cake and outlined the major part of the head (excluding the ears) with a knife before cutting.

With the extra parts, I cut out the ears and a piece for the eye so that it was raised. I outlined the neck area, with my finger, pressed my thumbs in for the nostrils and outlined the mane with black frosting using a star tip. And colored the eye black.

The main frosting is buttercream frosting with Hershey cocoa and milk added till the desired color is made. I reserved some to color black with Wilton frosting color because black is so hard to achieve with food coloring.

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Coolest Horse Birthday Cake 56

by Lucy C.
(Devon, UK)

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake

I made this Horse Birthday Cake for my daughter's 8th birthday. Being horse mad she loved it!
I made a square cake then cut the corners off to made the basic shape. I shaved the edges to get a rounded finish and used a spoon to create eye and nose.

I used Just Choc fondant icing for the ears. I cut the brown and white shapes to fit then added the eye and bridle. It is a little fiddly, but well worth the fuss to see her face!

Comments for Coolest Horse Birthday Cake 56

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Very nice!
by: Arlene

You did a very nice job on this! Good work!

by: Lucy.C

Thanks for your comments Arlene x

by: Anonymous

I would love to make this for my daughter's birthday in October. Can you provide more detailed instructions please?

Kind regards,

Kim Lee

by: Anneli

very nice lots of detail

faboulas horse
by: zoe

your cake is awesome I want it for my 13th birthday! I have 5 of my own horses at my house and I want a picture of 1 of my favorite horses Thomas. I think you did a great job with your cake. I am so jealous!

horse cake =)
by: lisa

this is one of the best horse cakes I have seen well done you=) I think I might try this one x x

your horse cake is fab!!!!
by: claire

I just love this cake, it is excellent. Would you be able to pass on the full recipe including icing tips?



Horse cake
by: Lucy.C

So sorry I didn't see your comments.
Thanks for you kind comments everyone. Hope you made the cake ok!

by: Lucy.C

Thanks for all your lovely comments. I'm sorry I didn't get back to you about making the cake, I haven't been on here for ages! It would be good if emails could be sent.
Hope you did alright, I'm sure it was a success!

I love your cake
by: Anonymous

I don't know if you will even read this but I am wanting to make this cake. If you could email me the exact instructions-I would greatly appreciate it. My email is

Thank you,


Awesome Horse - Looks so real and professional
by: Jeanette

Would you be willing to email exact directions and guidance to make this cake. My daughter will be 6 and fell in love with the photo of this cake.

Awesome Horse -
by: Jeanette

Looks so real and professional

by: Tatiana

Hi, this cake is AMAZING! I was looking at 3D cakes 'cause I'm doing a cake auction for 4-H and I was wondering if you can send me the directions!

The best horse ever!
by: Dionne Australia

I love this cake and I think I have nutted out most of it. How on earth did you get the ring part of the bridle like that? The silver bit, I live in Australia. So I will just substitute where I can. This is fantastic. Make sure you post your next creation on here.
Any help you can give would be great. Otherwise just post a comment.

Thanks Dionne

by: Lucy.C

Thanks again for your comments.
The ring was created using sugarpaste and then painted with edible paint.
Thanks... more cakes coming soon! Made a croc for my youngest daughter's birthday. Last birthday eldest wanted a Lizard. Posting soon! Lucy

Wow looks so real I am making a horse cake for my daughters 12th birthday
by: Debbie Australia

Loved this cake, wow, it must have taken an age to decorate.

I'm giving this a go next week!
by: Lillian

This looks just like my daughter's favorite horse at the Ranch where she'll be celebrating her birthday next weekend. Now I just have to figure out how to make it!

Happy to help
by: Lucy.C

I am happy to give any advice on making this if anyone gets stuck!

Thanks again for your lovely comments.

by: Anonymous

this is very cool!

by: Mary P

My daughters 4th birthday is in two days. Was looking for ideas!

by: Marietjie

Please, please, please are you willing to share the directions to make this cake. I'm from South Africa and are pretty sure I'll get all the ingredients here.

YOU SHOULD BE A BAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Taylor


Lucy-I need your help!
by: Anonymous

Hi Lucy,

My great niece turn 8 and she loves horses. I make her birthday cake every year and this year she wants a horse cake. Well, this is a cool looking cake and I am not that artistic but I think I can do it. Can you give me better directions as to how you cut it and what all you used to decorate it. Did you use one 9 x 13 cake pan?
Thanks, her birthday is Oct. 24

Amy in Big Creek

I need help with Cake #56
by: Amy in Big Creek

If anyone has gotten the complete directions from Lucy on what pans to use, how
to cut the cake and decorate it please
email me ASAP. My great nieces birthday
is October 24, she will be 8 and she will
love this cake!
My email is:

by: Shay

I would love to make this cake for my daughter's birthday. Could you email me step by step directions on it? This will be my first time working with fondant.
Thank you so much and great work! is my email address.

Wow that is amazing
by: Paula

Hi could you please please send me a copy of instructions on how to make this cake.

by: Kim

Wow! I was looking at Horse cakes, because in Food Technology we have to make a celebration cake and i want to make a horse one (obviously) and had drawn a horse head one, similar to this, but wanted to see the "real life" ones that had been made for me to look at.
Quite frankly, its amazing! If you did this for a living i reckon you'd get some good money, as its an amazing cake and you are very talented!
I hope your daughter had a wonderful birthday, i would if i was receiving such a wonderful cake!
Kim(age 13)

by: Anonymous

Love this cake! Could you possibly send step by step for this cake to my email

Gorgeous horse cake!
by: Mel

Hi I love your horse cake it's the nicest one I have seen. My daughter would love this cake for her birthday in Jan, wondering if you would mind emailing me the step by step instructions to make it? Thanks so much! My email is

Horse cake
by: Rachel

This is a lovely cake any chance you could forward me the instructions

This horse cake is the best
by: Anonymous

I just love this cake and it is the best one I have found. My granddaughter will have a birthday on Jan. 31 and is getting a paint horse as a gift. This would be perfect for her cake. Is there any way you can give me the step-by-step instructions for this cake? I would deeply appreciate it. Thank you.

by: Anonymous

Dear Lucy, just love your cake. very talented, should think about portfolio & earning money! my daughter is turning 8 is horse mad & would jump over the moon if i could make this cake half as nice as you did. noticed ur offer of assistance & beg please, please, please any help would be wonderful. thanking you

by: K Cockrill


My son is turning two and adores horses. This looks great and I wondered if you would be able to email me exact instructions to

Thank you!

My angel's 8th bday
by: Suzie


First of all you are so talented!!!! i would love to make this for my princess. are you willing to give me instructions on how to do this gorgeous creation you have done? Her bday is in June, so i am getting an early start and buy a little at a time. thanks so much


by: dsmith

My soon to be 5 year old picked this cake off the internet for his 5th birthday. I would love to make an attempt for him. Are you willing to send instructions?

by: ricky

I am looking to make this cake as a thank you to the vet who saved our horses life. Would you be willing to send me directions as to what size of pan etc that you used.
Would be very much appreciated.

by: Anonymous

can you send me the instructions plz

WOW... Its amazing
by: Anonymous

Hi Lucy

This cake shone out from ALL the others as I ride a piebald and for my 40th wanted a cake made like this one. It is superb and i would be sooo grateful if you could email me instructions of how to do it. I obviously need to put together the black and white icing but yours looks superb !! my email is My birthday party is 7th May ...

Thank you sooo much x

by: Lucy cottle

Hi everyone, thank you for your fantastic comments.


Tin Size

Hi everyone. With regard to tin size its up to you really depending on the size you want. I used a 12" square tin.
Instructions.... I basically just went for it to be honest and just went of a photo.
The carving to get the correct shape is the mot important part..... perhaps I should write a book! ha ha xx

More information
by: Rebecca

This cake is beautiful. It would be helpful if you shared what materials you used and how you did it, step by step. Did you use fondant for everything? How about the eyes/bridle? How did you get the shiny silver part?

by: Anonymous

Is the entire cake fondant?
This is amazing!

So cool!
by: Peta

Hi Lucy

Your cake is amazing! Could you please send me the instruction? I would be so grateful! Thankyou.

Cheers, Peta

Amazing Idea
by: Inge

Lucy - i would greatly appreciate if you could send me your directions for making this cake.
My daughter has a pony that looks just like your cake and it would be priceless to see her face when her bday cake looks the same as the horse.

Many thanks. inge

Great cake!
by: Gill

Love your cake, any chance you could send the instructions.. Would really appreciate it! Thanks. Gill

Help Please
by: Cara

i am wanting to make this cake for my daughters 5th birthday on the 19th Sept(next week) but i was wondering if you could please send me any tips/instruction for how you made this cake. thanks

Instructions, Please!
by: Rachel

I am joining the many out there who are dying to know how to make this cake! My daughter is turning 9, & fell in love with your cake!
Thanks so much!

instructions please
by: Amanda

hi, i don't know if you ended up putting a guide to how to make this cake but if you did i would really love to have a go for my daughter's birthday, can you please email to me, thanks Amanda

Pony cake
by: Anonymous

Hi Haven't been here for a while. What started as a hobby has now turned into a business for me!
Basically I used a sponge with filling of your choice and the icing is all fondant. I just cut the shape and covered! Thanks for all your lovely comments x

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Coolest Homemade Horse Birthday Cake 63

by Christie
(Soddy Daisy, TN)

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake

To make this Horse birthday cake, I found a horse picture online, enlarged it using Paint Shop and printed it off the computer. I then taped the two pieces together for a guideline on tracing it onto the cake.

I used buttercream for the whole cake except for the hair and the bow. I used fondant, tinted brown and yellow. I just cut out the slithers of brown fondant and placed each one on the horse to give the illusion of hair. It turned out great!

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