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Coolest Hotdog Birthday Cakes

The Hotdog cakes below were submitted by fellow cake enthusiasts. We'd love to see your cakes, too!

Hotdog Cake submitted by:

Sandra G.
Houston, TX

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas for Hot-Dog-Shaped Cakes

My "big boy" husband now 28 celebrates his birthday every year at James Coney Island. So in that spirit I came up with this cake. The cake bottom is a simple round cake; the hot dog bun was pound cake in a 7 x 4 pan with the middle cut out. Three Twinkies formed the hot dog. I covered the cake in marshmallow fondant and icing for the birthday cake decorating. The James Coney Island man is made out of fondant as well.

Hotdog Cake submitted by:

Maria M.
River Vale, NJ

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas for Hot-Dog-Shaped Cakes

I used pound cake to hold its form better. After it cools cut a long rectangle the length of the loaf out to make the bun, tint store bought frosting with brown and yellow Wilton ' icing colors.

I used two Twinkies with the end cut and put together for the hotdog, tint icing with brown and red- frost and place in bun; yellow tinted frosting for mustard.

I took white and green gumdrops and rolled them out with more sugar and cut into relish and onions.

The fries were the middle of the pound cake cut up with red tinted corn syrup and sugar. This sort of birthday cake decorating is so much fun!

Birthday Cake Decorating Ideas for Hot-Dog-Shaped Cakes

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